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RE: Well stocked bug out bag

Last week I discussed this mostly as a thought experiment. I left out some fairly important items.

  • Backpack
  • 2 Burner phones
  • Cash
  • Visa/Mastercard gift card
  • Change of clothes, including extra underwear and socks
  • Food; water and energy bars
  • Prescription meds, including extra set of glasses
  • First Aid Kit; bandages, anti bacterial creme, iodine
  • Hygiene kit; toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, wash cloth, deodorant, shaving kit, toilet paper
  • Something to read, preferably a couple of paperback books, try to choose something innocuous, a hobby magazine that only you and 98 other people read is a bad idea.
  • Swiss army knife or a leather-man multi tool

Well stocked bug out bag

Okay so you did something stupid and it is a good possibility you will have to go on the run soon. You will not be able to take much with you, pretty much only what you can fit in a backpack, we are talking about a book bag here not a huge camping pack.

  • 2 Burner phones, buy them at different locations on different days, get extra time cards, pay cash for them.
  • Cash, as much as you can afford in a variety of small bills.
  • Visa/Mastercard gift card, again, as much as you can afford, oddly sometimes cash is not an option, pay for it with cash and activate it under a fake name.
  • Clothes, at least 1 change of clothes, a 3 pack of new underwear and socks is probably a good idea, oh and don’t forget a baseball cap and sun glasses.
  • Food, energy bars and water will be godsend if you find yourself hiding in a barn.

Did I forget anything? I am sure someone will suggest a gun and extra ammo, but I am really not a violent person, my instincts tend toward flight rather than fight and my plan is to never be in the position to need a gun.


I was asked why 2 burner phones. The first one is so you can call your Mom or Sister or whatever before you disappear forever. This may sound stupid, but it actually serves a purpose, make the call at a bus station, then leave the phone there to be picked up by someone else, who is hopefully travelling in the different direction than you are.

Important things to know

Karma–is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect

Kismet–Is by Fate or Destiny, a predetermined course of events.

The Death of Net Neutrality

I am aware this kind of breaks my ban on political topics at this blog, but I feel Net Neutrality is an important issue of the day that genuinely impacts everyone and it is important we engage in a civil debate about it.

I was recently asked by my Nephew what the problem with returning to the internet of 2015 was, the internet seemed fine to him back then. I named some hypothetical for him, but I had to go dig up some real issues that cause the rules to be put into place in the first place. So here is a list of the shitty things ISP’s were doing prior to 2015 and are now free to do again.

MADISON RIVER: In 2005, North Carolina ISP Madison River Communications blocked the voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) service Vonage. Vonage filed a complaint with the FCC after receiving a slew of customer complaints. The FCC stepped in to sanction Madison River and prevent further blocking, but it lacks the authority to stop this kind of abuse today.

COMCAST: In 2005, the nation’s largest ISP, Comcast, began secretly blocking peer-to-peer technologies that its customers were using over its network. Users of services like BitTorrent and Gnutella were unable to connect to these services. 2007 investigations from the Associated Press, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others confirmed that Comcast was indeed blocking or slowing file-sharing applications without disclosing this fact to its customers.

TELUS: In 2005, Canada’s second-largest telecommunications company, Telus, began blocking access to a server that hosted a website supporting a labor strike against the company. Researchers at Harvard and the University of Toronto found that this action resulted in Telus blocking an additional 766 unrelated sites.

AT&T: From 2007–2009, AT&T forced Apple to block Skype and other competing VOIP phone services on the iPhone. The wireless provider wanted to prevent iPhone users from using any application that would allow them to make calls on such “over-the-top” voice services. The Google Voice app received similar treatment from carriers like AT&T when it came on the scene in 2009.

WINDSTREAM: In 2010, Windstream Communications, a DSL provider with more than 1 million customers at the time, copped to hijacking user-search queries made using the Google toolbar within Firefox. Users who believed they had set the browser to the search engine of their choice were redirected to Windstream’s own search portal and results.

MetroPCS: In 2011, MetroPCS, at the time one of the top-five U.S. wireless carriers, announced plans to block streaming video over its 4G network from all sources except YouTube. MetroPCS then threw its weight behind Verizon’s court challenge against the FCC’s 2010 open internet ruling, hoping that rejection of the agency’s authority would allow the company to continue its anti-consumer practices.

PAXFIRE: In 2011, the Electronic Frontier Foundation found that several small ISPs were redirecting search queries via the vendor Paxfire. The ISPs identified in the initial Electronic Frontier Foundation report included Cavalier, Cogent, Frontier, Fuse, DirecPC, RCN and Wide Open West. Paxfire would intercept a person’s search request at Bing and Yahoo and redirect it to another page. By skipping over the search service’s results, the participating ISPs would collect referral fees for delivering users to select websites.

AT&T, SPRINT and VERIZON: From 2011–2013, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon blocked Google Wallet, a mobile-payment system that competed with a similar service called Isis, which all three companies had a stake in developing.

VERIZON: In 2012, the FCC caught Verizon Wireless blocking people from using tethering applications on their phones. Verizon had asked Google to remove 11 free tethering applications from the Android marketplace. These applications allowed users to circumvent Verizon’s $20 tethering fee and turn their smartphones into Wi-Fi hot spots. By blocking those applications, Verizon violated a Net Neutrality pledge it made to the FCC as a condition of the 2008 airwaves auction.

AT&T: In 2012, AT&T announced that it would disable the FaceTime video-calling app on its customers’ iPhones unless they subscribed to a more expensive text-and-voice plan. AT&T had one goal in mind: separating customers from more of their money by blocking alternatives to AT&T’s own products.

VERIZON: During oral arguments in Verizon v. FCC in 2013, judges asked whether the phone giant would favor some preferred services, content or sites over others if the court overruled the agency’s existing open internet rules. Verizon counsel Helgi Walker had this to say: “I’m authorized to state from my client today that but for these rules we would be exploring those types of arrangements.” Walker’s admission might have gone unnoticed had she not repeated it on at least five separate occasions during arguments.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Everyone

As they say, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Charles Manson is Dead

Charlie Manson is Dead and good riddance. There are people in this world that are literally a waste of oxygen, food and water. This guy was one of them. The world is a better place without Charles Manson and he will be missed by exactly no one. Unfortunately we will have to suffer through a couple days of coverage and reviews of his life and his contributions to all that is bad and evil in the universe. If I had it my way, they would cremate him, put his ashes in coffee can and toss it into an unnamed landfill. The trash has finally been taken out.

Hack the World

One does not simply hack a Gibson!

I kind of feel like this is where we are at right now?

“The latter part of the Twentieth Century was to become known as “The Long Wait” because that is what everybody seemed to be doing. On one hand, the promise of unlimited energy, extended life spans, space travel, cures for most major diseases, 5th-generation computers, and future Clint Eastwood movies seemed just around the corner, promising a world of peace and prosperity.

On the other hand, the eminent threat of nuclear war, the steady destruction of the ecosystem, the failure of world economy, the rise of illiteracy and superstition, massive starvation, fear and mistrust of government, and the lack of really good-tasting diet soda seemed to indicate that even IF anybody managed to survive the coming Apocalypse, they’d have a pretty rotten time of it.

So, since the majority of people on the planet were not involved in the decision-making process of scientists or government officials, as the century drew to a close, more and more of Humanity ground to a slow, mental halt and simply waited to see what would happen.”

–Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire

Millennial bashing

To the Baby Boomer Generation, I know it is fun to mock Millennial’s, but please remember you are the generation that could not figure out how to set the clocks on your VCR’s.

Nibiru is now headed safely away from earth

My plan to save the world from Nibiru was successful. Planet X has officially missed Earth by several million kilometers. Which I suppose on a galactic scale is a near miss. However my deflection of the planet was so successful, all it did was cause a couple extra hurricanes and of course the destruction of that farmers barn. The good news is though, Millie his cow seems to have returned to normal after the near miss with the re-entry of the Cadillac. Of course the county building commission still wants to fine me for unregistered construction in my back yard, but it was all worth it. I think this apocalypse diverting gig could become an interesting hobby.

RE: Nibiru

So the chunk of Nibiru I busted off has hit earths atmoshere on schedule, although it is a bit further north than I anticipated. I probably didn’t use enough WD40. The upside is, the chunk did not hit anything and it looks better and better that Nibiru’s course has been corrected and should miss our solar system by several million kilometers now.

Nibiru and back again

I believe decades of playing Dungeons & Dragons along with having watched every episode of Star Trek uniquely qualified me to undertake this project. I was of course right, everything went exceptionally well all things considered. Re-entry was a bit tricky, guidance systems don’t really work all that well when you are talking about a couple of tons of steel traveling at terminal velocity. The farmer in west Texas was pretty pissed off about his barn, but to my credit, while his cow Millie will probably be giving sour milk for a couple of days, she is otherwise just fine. My plan executed near perfectly, I think I may have deflected Nibiru by more than my original calculations indicated.

Anyway, the world is saved, your welcome!

Say Goodbye to Nibiru

I am beginning preparations to execute my plan to divert Nibiru from its current path. At it’s current distance from our solar system and the speed it is travelling, I only need to change its trajectory by slightly more than 1 degree and it should miss us entirely. Wish me luck.

Count down to Nibiru

This weekend I will be implementing my plan to save the planet. Planet X, also known as Nibiru is scheduled to collide with the earth on September 23rd. Several days ago after verifying the work done by “Christian Numerologist” David Meade showing that Nibiru would in fact destroy the planet, I set about planning to stop this great catastrophe.

I did have some issues with the County Zoning Commission coming by and asking me and I quote “What the hell are you building here?”. I explained it to him and he asked if I had a building permit, to which I replied “SAVING THE WORLD DOES NOT REQUIRE A BUILDING PERMIT!”. He seemed unconvinced and stalked off.

I also had some challenges with the guidance system, getting the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer software was easy, finding hardware to run it on was a bit tougher. Fortunately you can buy literally anything on ebay these days.

Rocket fuel was not any problem at all. Home made rocket fuel is actually pretty easy to make, the primary ingredients being potassium nitrate (KNO3), and plain white table sugar, both of which you can get delivered in bulk by Amazon. For anyone wondering Stump Remover is a great source of potassium nitrate.

At any rate, I should be ready by Saturday.

The End is Here

Apparently we have 32 days until the world ends on September 23rd.

So-Called ‘Experts’ Predict The World Will End 33 Days After The Solar Eclipse On August 21st

PezWitch has informed me that she will not accept this as an excuse for not getting her a birthday present. I told her not to worry, I have a plan to save the planet, all I need is; 20 fifty gallon fish tanks, 330 meters of copper tubing, 400 rolls of duct tape, 40 cans of WD40, 1000 gallons of glycerin, 22 motor boat batteries and a pink 1968 Cadillac.

Eclipse day 2017

I bought myself 3 pair of Amazon eclipse glasses and I used one as a camera filter. Most of the pictures were pretty unusable, but I did get 2 decent shots.

What buttons does this press?

Answer, ALL OF THEM!

On this day in history

On July 20th 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon. I am old enough that I sort of remember the hype around this, just like I sort of remember the events surrounding Watergate. This is one of those things I wish I had a clearer memory of, because it was important. This was one of those events in human history that shows what we can do when we put our minds to it. Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon proved we could do anything. One of my greatest fears is looking back at this and finally realizing it was that moment where we reached our zenith and we will never be that great again.

RE: Treasure Con, Billings Montana, 1983 to 1985

After the last post reminded me of TreasureCon again, I decided to do a run on Google, to see is anything new had popped up since the last time. This is apparently pages from The Retort, a newspaper published by what is now Montana State University, but back then it was Eastern Montana College.

Max Headroom

Isn’t this on Netflix or something, I should re-watch this.

The way the 80’s should have been?

I couple of weeks ago I posted on Twitter and Facebook, that I wanted to start a group similar to the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), but instead of Renaissance reenactments, I want to reenact the 80’s as they should have been. The SCA glosses over all the bad things about the middle ages; war, famine, plague, and poverty. In the SCA everyone gets to live in the castle, no one has to be a pig farmer.

In my Society for the Creative 80’s, no one has to flip burgers at McDonalds, everyone has a cool job that gives them plenty of time to go to concerts, smoke pot and fuck. Sort of a retro future where computers delivered on the promise of a better tomorrow, and economic policy that benefited the working poor and the middle class. A world where neon colors, big hair and electronic music rule the day. A time when porn girls had natural boobs and rocker boys didn’t lip sync. The world was on the brink of nuclear annihilation, but we danced until dawn anyway.

Abbie Hoffman said; “The ’60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great.”

My Response; “Welcome to the 80’s where dope, sex and music are better than ever!”

I am over Twitter

I officially declare Twitter the new MySpace, only people who are hopelessly uncool and out of touch continue to use it.

Sex and other things, but mostly sex.

So I like lesbian porn, it should be a no brainer really but apparently its not. Don’t get me wrong, I like threesome (FFM preferably) porn too, but I by enlarge prefer there be no dudes in the video or picture. I think the reason for this should be obvious, there are no penises in lesbian porn. I am not opposed to penises, I have one myself and it is my favorite body part and I certainly will watch a MFM threesome or MF video, I just prefer there be no penis.

The real reason I wrote this post is I wanted to post this picture, I found it while I was searching for replacement pictures for some of my older posts and thought, wow that presses ALL of my buttons. Okay, I lied in the title, this was just about sex.


Happy 4/20

To all my Day Dream Believer friends, this is your day, Have Fun!

Review: Black Mirror

I just finished watching the first two episodes of Black Mirror. This is some seriously dark shit. If you are depressed or thinking about suicide, do not watch this show. The writers of this show are literally holding a mirror up to our modern society and showing us the worst aspects of ourselves. These guys are not showing us a dystopian future, they are showing us as we are living now. Certainly they are taking things to extremes and certainly they are putting a science fiction vainer on it, but it is none the less our modern society with the nice facade stripped away.