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The End is Here

Apparently we have 32 days until the world ends on September 23rd.

So-Called ‘Experts’ Predict The World Will End 33 Days After The Solar Eclipse On August 21st

PezWitch has informed me that she will not accept this as an excuse for not getting her a birthday present. I told her not to worry, I have a plan to save the planet, all I need is; 20 fifty gallon fish tanks, 330 meters of copper tubing, 400 rolls of duct tape, 40 cans of WD40, 1000 gallons of glycerin, 22 motor boat batteries and a pink 1968 Cadillac.

Eclipse day 2017

I bought myself 3 pair of Amazon eclipse glasses and I used one as a camera filter. Most of the pictures were pretty unusable, but I did get 2 decent shots.

What buttons does this press?

Answer, ALL OF THEM!

On this day in history

On July 20th 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon. I am old enough that I sort of remember the hype around this, just like I sort of remember the events surrounding Watergate. This is one of those things I wish I had a clearer memory of, because it was important. This was one of those events in human history that shows what we can do when we put our minds to it. Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon proved we could do anything. One of my greatest fears is looking back at this and finally realizing it was that moment where we reached our zenith and we will never be that great again.

RE: Treasure Con, Billings Montana, 1983 to 1985

After the last post reminded me of TreasureCon again, I decided to do a run on Google, to see is anything new had popped up since the last time. This is apparently pages from The Retort, a newspaper published by what is now Montana State University, but back then it was Eastern Montana College.

Max Headroom

Isn’t this on Netflix or something, I should re-watch this.

The way the 80’s should have been?

I couple of weeks ago I posted on Twitter and Facebook, that I wanted to start a group similar to the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), but instead of Renaissance reenactments, I want to reenact the 80’s as they should have been. The SCA glosses over all the bad things about the middle ages; war, famine, plague, and poverty. In the SCA everyone gets to live in the castle, no one has to be a pig farmer.

In my Society for the Creative 80’s, no one has to flip burgers at McDonalds, everyone has a cool job that gives them plenty of time to go to concerts, smoke pot and fuck. Sort of a retro future where computers delivered on the promise of a better tomorrow, and economic policy that benefited the working poor and the middle class. A world where neon colors, big hair and electronic music rule the day. A time when porn girls had natural boobs and rocker boys didn’t lip sync. The world was on the brink of nuclear annihilation, but we danced until dawn anyway.

Abbie Hoffman said; “The ’60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great.”

My Response; “Welcome to the 80’s where dope, sex and music are better than ever!”

I am over Twitter

I officially declare Twitter the new MySpace, only people who are hopelessly uncool and out of touch continue to use it.

Sex and other things, but mostly sex.

So I like lesbian porn, it should be a no brainer really but apparently its not. Don’t get me wrong, I like threesome (FFM preferably) porn too, but I by enlarge prefer there be no dudes in the video or picture. I think the reason for this should be obvious, there are no penises in lesbian porn. I am not opposed to penises, I have one myself and it is my favorite body part and I certainly will watch a MFM threesome or MF video, I just prefer there be no penis.

The real reason I wrote this post is I wanted to post this picture, I found it while I was searching for replacement pictures for some of my older posts and thought, wow that presses ALL of my buttons. Okay, I lied in the title, this was just about sex.


Happy 4/20

To all my Day Dream Believer friends, this is your day, Have Fun!

Review: Black Mirror

I just finished watching the first two episodes of Black Mirror. This is some seriously dark shit. If you are depressed or thinking about suicide, do not watch this show. The writers of this show are literally holding a mirror up to our modern society and showing us the worst aspects of ourselves. These guys are not showing us a dystopian future, they are showing us as we are living now. Certainly they are taking things to extremes and certainly they are putting a science fiction vainer on it, but it is none the less our modern society with the nice facade stripped away.

Humanity is now doomed

Posted without comment.

Humanity is doomed.

More genre conventions in the old home town

So apparently my home town of Billings Montana is not having just ONE!, but TWO! Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comic convention this summer. Alternacon was July 10th to the 12th, now apparently we also have FantasyCon taking place August 21st to the 23rd. I am a bit surprised by this, I mean 30 years and NOTHING, now suddenly two in a single summer. Seems like there was pent up need for this sort of thing.

As a side note, GenCon was this weekend and as every year, my Twitter feed fills up with people having way more fun than I am. Sadly, I think I will have to wait until retirement to go, not only does this suck a week of your life away, there is no way to do GenCon on the cheap, it is going to be expensive no matter what you do.

Hometown SciFi Conventions

It looks like after 30 years my hometown Billings Montana is about to have another Science Fiction Convention. Tragic City Alternacon is taking place July 10th through the 12th. Looking at the schedule, I do not see much gaming going on, even under Tournaments and Contests, there does not seem to be anything specific. The Panel list also does not look terribly interesting either, although admittedly, the 8PM Friday Boobzilla Slideshow sounds like it has some potential, but I suspect it is not what I think it is and would disappoint me. Those of you who live in Billings, I do hope some of you go, because I really hope this is more fun than it looks. TreasureCon I, II and III were all a lot of fun and Billings is big enough that there really is no reason they should not have a small genre convention each year.

Happy 4/20

Go out and dance with Mary Jane, tonight is your night.

I have to draw the line somewhere

Lately I have found myself standing against people on my own side of the political spectrum. I do that every now and again, especially where freedom of expression is concerned. However, one has to draw the line somewhere and I draw it at supporting a idiot like Vox Day. I will not apologize for this, he is a very distasteful man and in this case the enemy of my enemy is in fact still my enemy. While I do think the Hugo awards have been poorly run over the years and it is controlled by a small tight clique of authors, I do not believe the way to fix it is by by replacing one small tight clique with another. Say what you will about John Scalzi, like him or hate him, but personally, I can say I agree with him on a variety of topics, I agree with Vox Day on absolutely nothing. This year I am voting in the Hugo’s, I have already paid my $40. I am doing so not to support either Scalzi or Vox, but rather to support all the fans out there who have been caught between two Waring cultural factions with agendas that have nothing to do with good books and the only cure for an ailing democracy is MORE  FUCKING DEMOCRACY.

As a side note, on the political compass site, I am Economic Left/Right: -5.75 and Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.05. It seems odd, that as I get older and seem to get even more leftist. I expect to be -10/-10 by the time I am 70.

Today is the day!

Today is Pi Day, so HAPPY PI DAY to all of my Mathlete friends.

it is also Steak and Blowjob Day, if you were a good boy on Valentines Day and did right by your Significant Other, today is time for the tender love and care you deserve in return.


RIP Leonard Nimoy

Today Leonard Nimoy died. This has had a more profound affect on me than the death of my father. Mr. Spock has always been my favorite fictional character. To a skinny little nerd boy, a hyper-intelligent character for whom violence was always a last resort, was an breath of fresh air in a world dominated by two dimensional cowboy characters. My earliest memories are of watching Star Trek on a small black and white TV. Leonard Nimoy provided me with the best role model possible and gave me a lifetime of entertainment and happiness. For this I am thankful.

Now, I am off to Florida to steal the Space Shuttle Enterprise and head the Genesis planet.

Treasure Con, Billings Montana, 1983 to 1985

Believe it or not, Billings Montana had its own Science Fiction Convention, Treasure Con, there were three of these conventions before it crashed and burned. Each was nick named after the person organizing it by those who for whatever reason decided there needed to be a nick name. The first was StomperCon, the second was CarolineCon and the third was CowboyCon, the first two I get, the third one I do not, I am sure someone can explain it to me.

tcon_adWhat prompted this is, I was looking through PDF previews of old issues of The Space Gamer and I came across the ad I highlighted to the left. It occurred to me that next year is will be the 30th anniversary of the last Treasure Con. Of course being a middle aged man, this brought with it a wave of nostalgia and fond memories. Treasure Con I is where PezWitch and I reconnected after High School, although that implies we said more than a paragraph of words to each other in High School. By Treasure Con II we were dating pretty heavy, although we were not exclusive at that point. Of course by Treasure Con III we were married and in it for the long haul.

I have to admit, if I (god forbid) still lived in Billings, I would be considering putting on Treasure Con IV on the 30th anniversary week of Treasure Con III. Maybe instead I’ll just start a FaceBook page called “Treasure Con Memories” and see how many people respond and how many people enjoyed it the same way I did. It would be interesting to hear stories, different points of view and reminiscence of a shared experience.

Sexism and the Hi Tech industry

My friend wrote a really good piece on sexism, I especially liked;

 “I am far from Mr. Office Decorum and I’ll tell you I would have fired every person imvolved (or better, done like the Romans and have them draw beads then crucify every tenth one in the parking lot as a warning to others).”

I just have to ask – What the hell kind of place are these people working at?

Chad and I disagree on a wide variety of subjects, but one thing we both agree on is the need to all organization to maintain discipline within the ranks.

Sex, violence and hangups

It is interesting that as a whole, everyone hates violence and everyone likes sex. I mean there are a few deviants out there who do not fall into these categories, but really they are few and far between and the truth remains. This probably does not surprise anyone and I doubt anyone would argue it with me. So my question is, if everyone hates violence and likes sex, why do we have so many hangup about sex and so few about violence?

Case in point, I can spend all day Saturday watching all manner slasher flicks and war movies, go to work on Monday and tell everyone this is what I did and no one will bat an eyelash. However, if I spend all day Saturday watching porno, then went to work on Monday and talked about the porn marathon, everyone would think there was something wrong with me. Why is that?

Another case in point, showing someone being graphically murdered in a movie might get you a PG-13 rating, but with a little push back could probably get it set to PG. Show some bare breasts and it is automatic NC-17 rating and you might be able to pull off an R if you are lucky. Why is that?

It is extremely easy to find studies and cases of people suffering longer mental illness due to violence, even if the violence was not perpetrated directly against that person, PTSD anyone. I think you would have a really hard time finding many instances where a bare breast or an exposed penis directly caused anyone to need long term therapy. Someone is getting shot on TV every single night of the week, no one raises an eyebrow, but Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction, a partial nipple can be seen for like 2 seconds and it might as well have been the apocalypse. Why is that?

Shall I go on or does everyone understand my confusion?

Why a nerd should never hookup with a mundane

This week a really cool statue of a Star Wars At-AT went up for sale for $16,000. Later in the week it came out the guy was getting rid of it because his girlfriend did not like it. This reminded me of a similar instance from a few years ago where a mans girlfriend made him get rid of a life sized World of Warcraft Orc. Martin Fillery (owner of the AT-AT) really needs to try and contact Robert Cushnie (former owner of the Orc) and find out how his relationship proceeded afterwords. I tried to look for a follow up article, but I found none, so I can not say for sure what happened to Robert’s relationship, but I can make some pretty good guesses based on what little I know.

Here is a piece of advise for everyone in relationship and thinking, this is the one. First off, your partner needs to love and respect you for who you are. If your partner is trying to make tectonic changes in your life, you are most definitely with the wrong person. Its okay to buy you a new shirt or ask you to see a movie you might not otherwise goto, that is no big deal, its the way of it. However if you wake up one day and find you hate all the cloths in your closet, have not heard a decent song in months and all your stuff is in storage, I have some really bad news for you.

Money Corrupts

I watched a short documentary the other day about a group of social scientist who studied the effects of money on people. To no ones surprise they found the more money a person had the more likely they were to feel entitled. The most interesting of the experiments they constructed was a rigged game of Monopoly. The two players flipped a coin, the one who won the coin toss got to be the rich player, the other was the poor player. The rich player started with $2000 and got to roll 2 dice. The poor player started with $1000 and could only roll one dice, further, when collecting money from any source, he could only collect half the stated amount. As you can imagine, the poor player always lost, but the intriguing thing here was when asked, the rich player universally said they deserved to win. The game was rigged in their favor, their position in the game was dictated by a coin flip and they still believed they won by skill and intelligence and deserved their win. They convinced themselves that their opponent could have won if only they had played better, worked harder or was smarter.

It would be pretty easy to launch into a rich people are evil rant, but sadly, I am not going to do that. What I am going to talk about is my current obsession of Magic: The Gathering, which is actually related to this topic. The MTG World Championship and the World Cup are this week. If you go out and look at the deck lists for who is winning, you will see they are all playing a fairly small set of decks and all of these decks cost a butt ton of money to put together, in some cases a thousand dollars or more. MTG has its own economy, you see as a cards utility becomes known and it becomes popular in tournaments, its price goes up and people horde them. So by the time a new set has been out a month or two and the popular decks to play have been established, those decks get expensive to put together, either because you must buy a lot of booster packs to get everything you want or you have to buy it as a single at the inflated price. Either way, you deck cost you $500 to put together.

How these two subjects intertwine is of course because of money. In Magic, as the rigged game of Monopoly, the player with the most money is going to win. Now, it is true that if two players are playing power and expensive decks, then skill and luck will prevail, but the same can be said for Monopoly. The bottom line is, the ticket to entry for serious tournament Magic is money. Sure you can probably win few local tournaments with a cheap deck, but that will likely not last long, either others will duplicate your deck, driving the prices of the cards up or they will build more expensive and powerful decks to beat you. If I buy one of these $500 Jund decks and take it to Friday Night Magic, I will probably dominate the evening without much effort. I can tell you there are several players there who are better players than I am. The question becomes do I deserve to win?

My perfect job is in China

A couple of years ago I posted about a job in China that was riding a scooter to a client stuck in traffic, he takes the scooter on to whatever meeting he needs to get to, while you sit in his car waiting for traffic to clear and then driving it to his location, picking up your scooter and  moving on to the next traffic jam. I thought this was a perfect job, until I came across this article.

Apparently, the Chinese government pays people to look for and at porn on the internet. How is this not the perfect job? Okay so technically your job is to deny others their masturbatory needs, but I think under the circumstance, I could forgive myself.

This kind of reminds me of an odd statement made by one of my teachers when I was in High School. He said, one of the reason censorship of pornography failed in the 1950’s was because the people who liked porn the most simply became censors and they had unfettered access to everything being denied to everyone else. There is some evidence now that suggests many censorship groups were in fact porn distribution networks. That right there is what you call irony.

Proof Microsoft is truly EVIL

Microsoft has applied for a patent on the idea of awarding achievements for watching TV. If true, this is positively the most insidious idea in the history TV watching. Anyone who has played video games in the couple of years knows what an achievement is, basically, it is an in-game reward for doing pointless tasks like killing 10 Orcs or collecting 40 boggie scalps. My guess is this will become a reward system for sitting on your ass watching TV. I wonder what I will get for watching 25 Crest commercials? Or watching a Doogie Howser marathon start to finish? My worry is how will they know you actually did it? If it were not for the creep factor here, I’d probably think this was a better idea.