Monthly Archives: May 2013

Blog Update

Looking through some of my old posts, I see some things did not do well in the export/import process. When I shut this blog down last year, I moved everything off site to a free blog. The reason I did this was I figured it I decided I wanted to give up this domain at some point all of my old blog posts would be safely tucked away. Fast forward a year and I am looking to take this site out of cold storage, so I export the content from CarnifexDotOrgInExile (CDOIE) and import it here into a brand spanking new install of WordPress. Low and behold some of my old stuff is broken, like the table plugin I was using it obsolete and I can no longer install it, my choice is to try to figure out what those tables contained and rebuild them using another plugin, or leave that shit broken. I also noticed some of my embedded videos are broken as well. Sigh!, I should have started this project on Friday instead of Monday afternoon.

Google+ Hangouts

Over the Memorial day weekend, Chad sent out an invite to a few friends to do a Google+ Hangout. I was a bit disappointed that Chad and I were the only ones who showed up. Regardless, it was a good time, Chad and I talked for over an hour, we traded war stories, gossiped about various people we use to know, talked about the old home town and discussed our jobs a bit. Sitting there chatting with Chad made me remember why we were friends in the first place. Chad is smart, most of what he says is well considered and he has an oddly unsettling sense of humor, which is often self depreciating. We disagree and a whole host of subjects, but our conversations are always friendly and comfortable. It was not terribly different from the conversations we had when we were teenagers back in Billings Montana. It was time well spent, I hope next time, more people show up, but if they don’t, that’s fine too.

So what have I been doing for the last 12 months?

Okay that is a pretty reasonable question I suppose. One that has several answers.

Work: I was promoted last September, proving yet again that snowballs exist in hell. This last year also saw me training 3 new hire classes. I seem to have finally settled into a team, who have now been on the floor for about 3 months and are doing well.

Computers: Most of my computer time recently has been consumed with my obsession with the Raspberry Pi (RPi). These small inexpensive systems are just plain cool. I have converted my server to one, I have been working on using an RPi as the basis of a wearable computer and I have one I have been using for general messing around, like programming and arcade emulators. This year also saw me move back to Desktop computers, I bought an Alienware x51 and I am very happy with it. I also switched back to using Ubuntu, while Mint was interesting, Ubuntu works better out of box and I did not have to jump through hoops to get get Steam running on it.

Gaming: This has been a very hard year for me in this aspect. As I get older, I find I can not stay up until all hours of the night any more and I need time to recharge my batteries. So my regular Friday night game has been put on hiatus. That is a polite way of saying I shut it down. I think I will probably start a new game this fall, but there will be some changes. First I think I will move it to Sunday afternoon, maybe 12P-4P, something like that. Second I think we will probably change games, we have been flirting with GURPS for a very long time and I think as a group we are at the point were we need more depth to our characters. I think I may also be inclined to change genre, fantasy is the best option for RPG’s, but I really want to do something in Supers, Space Opera or Cyberpunk. Maybe I will mix all three and do something in the TransHuman subgenre.

Oh and I still like tits.

I’m Back!

It is one year to the day since I stopped blogging and moved my wondrous insight to Facebook and I am seriously considering coming back.