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OpenRPG is dying a slow death

I was testing out Ubuntu 13.10 this last week to see if I wanted to upgrade or wait until 14.04, which is the next LTS release. I made an interesting discovery, OpenRPG, the program I use to play my weekly HackMaster game online, no longer functions. Apparently OpenRPG is not compatible with the version of wxPython Cannonical decided to use. This is a good indicator that 14.04 will have the same problem. This is a solvable problem, all I have to do is download the needed version of the source code for Python and wxPython, statically compile them so they are not dependent on any particular version of Linux and then package them all up into a neat little zip file. If you have never done this, it sounds complicated, but its really not and most of it can be automated. The real problem is OpenRPG is no longer being actively developed. The guy who took it over and promised a new version has dropped this ball for whatever reason. His website has gone silent the beta of the new version is broken and has not been updated in more than year.

Another problem I am seeing is a diminishing user base. The picture above shows the OpenRPG servers available to play games on. There use to be 30+ servers, most of them usually had at least a few games going, several had 30-40 players almost constantly. My own server in its hey day generally had 30 or so players logging in weekly. These days there are pretty consistently 7 or 8 servers, with half of them being empty even on the weekend. My server almost never has more traffic than my own game. I expect eventually the meta server that allows the game servers to be seen will go down, once the person paying for it decides its no longer worth his money to maintain. Unless something changes, I expect OpenRPG to be a completely dead program in maybe a year or less as players migrate to Roll20 or some other similar web based service. It is really too bad, it had a nice run.

I just can’t win

I just cannot catch a fucking break.

The apocalypse is at hand

This morning FaceBook was broken and no one could post anything. In other news productivity in the U.S. skyrocketed with no obvious explanation.

Scourge of the Slave Lords

My Friday night game had its 4th session last night. We missed two Friday’s, one was to play a random dungeon with David as the GM and another because I had to be out of bed early Saturday morning. As of last night, I think all but one character is now 2nd level, I believe the party Thief may have made 3rd. Last night the first magic item of the campaign was found, I suspect it will be the first of many.

We are playing the Slave Lord campaign, an old AD&D 1st edition set of 4 modules. This campaign was recently reprinted as a hardbound book “Against the Slave Lords”. Included with this new printing was a new module, A0 Danger at Darkshelf Quarry. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast recently released A5 The Last Slave Lord, in Dungeon Magazine #215. If your read through all of these modules as I have, it becomes very apparent that magic items flowed like Niagara falls back in the day. If the players search every single room and kill every single opponent and successfully identifies every magic item, by the closing credits of the last module, these guys will be loaded up to their eyeballs in magic items. I realize the thinking here, I understand the original writers thought “No way they find everything, better put in extra chances to get some items.”. I can tell you, I have seen adventuring parties descend on a dungeon like locusts, stripping it of all its resources, destroying everything in their paths, leaving only scorched earth behind them and as I remember, we were a lawful good party.