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Comic Con 2013 IV

Here is the original art pages from Incredible Hulk # 278 with Stan Lee’s autograph on it. PezWitch had to stand in line for two hours to get this signature and I appreciate her very much for her sacrifice. Before re-framing it, I put a copy of the receipt for the autograph between the pieces of cardboard for proof of providence. I have no idea how much this piece might be worth, but I hope someday someone else will look at this and say the same thing I did when I first saw this and bought it. As a side note, PezWitch got an offer to buy it before she even got 10 feet from Stan Lee.

Comic Con 2013 III

So somewhere in the middle of all this, I managed to get in a visit to Neal Adams table. Neal Adams is in my top 5 list of favorite artists. The darker, grittier Batman we see today was started by Neal Adams and of course he and Denis O’Neil were responsible for the ground breaking  Green Lantern/Green Arrow number 85.

I would love to be able to tell you that I had a wonderfully intelligent conversation with Neal Adams and that I wowed him with my natural charm and witty repartee. The reality though is my brain seized up in a fashion that has never happened before. I mean seriously, I have shaken hands with celebrities before and maintained my normal IQ level. However, with Neal Adams, my mind went blank, he literally stared at me and said, “Sir, you have to hand me the prints so I can sign them.” and I think it went down hill from there as I gapped like a moron. I did try to tell him my IQ was something above a 100, but I don’t think he believed me. I do have to say that in spite of this he was very nice and gracious to me. This is what I get for going out in public without PezWitch.

So the upside here, is I did get this print. This really shows off his talent and why he is considered one of the greatest living comic artists. Someday, I hope to meet him again and not be a dithering idiot.

Comic Con 2013 II

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Stan Lee panel. These panels are generally fun, but someone always does something stupid and this on was no exception. Some guy decided this was a great time to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Folks, this is stupid okay. I realize I am being selfish here and I realize this is probably a big deal to you, but guess what, to me you are pulling focus away from the person I came to see and making this event about you. Sorry, but I don’t care and yes, I would rather hear Stan Lee answer an actual question than listen to you beg your girlfriend to marry you.

This first picture was taken from a long distance, I cropped out most of the useless blurry stuff, leaving only the useful blurry stuff.

This one was much closer and considerably clearer.

Comic Con 2013

My back is killing me, my knee is fucked up and I am feeling every god damned minute of my nearly 50 years of existence. Normally when we do Comic Con we go all three days. Friday night gives us chance to make cursory run and make a list of the things we want to do and the people we want to talk to. The second day is spent waiting in lines getting autographs and going to panels. Day three is spent walking around the  booths and buying comic books and comic book related paraphernalia. This year we decided to do just one day, the downside is we spent most of the day in lines waiting for autographs and photo ops. The upside is I got autographs and photos taken with Stan Lee and William Shatner, neither of whom are young chickens.

When they take these photos, these are not meet and greets. No chit chat, no hand shakes, you walk in, they yell NEXT, you step up, they snap the pic and yell NEXT. Do not under any circumstance try to hold the line up. This annoys the celebrity, the photographer and those people who are behind you.

Things I own

This is a piece of original art I purchased in maybe 1988 or 1989. This is a two page spread from the Incredible Hulk # 278. The Hulk has apparently gained Bruce Banners intelligence and was given a Presidential pardon. This picture is of that moment and is significant because it shows most of the major Marvel characters of the time. The artist is Sal Buscema, who is the younger brother of the legendary comic artist John Buscema. I think this comic book goes for around $2 in mint condition, so the issue itself is not particularly sought after, but the nifty thing here is, there is only one of these.

Waxing Nostalgic

So last night we did not play our Friday night game. Chad was not at home and had some difficulties getting set up on his laptop and David was MIA with no explanation. We bullshitted around for a couple hours, then went our separate ways. Towards the end of the conversation, Chad mentioned every year he gets this urge to burn everything down, run away and start over. I thought this was really interesting, because I have similar feelings this time of year. Its not that I hate my life or anything like, its more like a wanderlust, a deep seated need to explore what’s over the horizon. At first I attributed this to both of us being born and bred in Montana. The winters in Montana when we were growing up made the whole state a prison. When it is -30 degrees from November to February, you just can not go anywhere or do anything. Sure you can go out and build a snow man etc, but you can only stand the cold for so long before you have to go back in. It is called cabin fever and it sucks.

Chad brought up an alternate theory, he felt the problem was when we were growing up there was still mysteries in the world. There were places literally no man had ever been. It was a world were every couple of years they would find a World War II Japanese soldier in a jungle somewhere unaware the war was over. When we were growing up the world still offered adventure and this is what we are feeling, the need to have an adventure, to explore the jungle or ride a submarine to the bottom of the sea, or climb Mt Everest. Somewhere deep inside our 50 year old hearts, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are aching to get out and see the world, meet new people, discover some great treasure of history, maybe fight a sword dual and swing on a vine across a jungle canopy. This struck a cord with me, I have said many times, I am now and will always be in my heart a 14 year old boy.