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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Yesterday the final D&D 5th edition core book was released. I believe it is significant that it was also my birthday. For those of you who do not want to invest $50 a pop for the books, you can always download the Basic Rules from WotC to get you started. It looks to me like you could play a long time without actually buying anything. However, like all RPG’s, if you want to get the most out of your experience, it is a good idea to at least buy the Players Handbook.

I have said many times before, I was not especially enchanted with the 3rd edition of the game and openly disliked the 4th edition, neither felt like the D&D I remembered. 5th edition seems to have changed that trend, going back somewhat to a more 2nd edition feel. With 3rd and 4th editions, I never really wanted to play either, but I definitely looking forward to playing this edition. It looks like I am not the only one, the Dragonsfoot forums is a place where old school gamers like myself gather, it has historically been hostile to editions later than 2nd. Dragonsfoot seems to have thawed somewhat and has allowed discussion of the 5th edition, so far the discussion has been civil and even positive.


KoL, Here we go

I could have ascended two days ago, but I decided to wait for Thanksgiving. Historically on Thanksgiving day, the game doubles the amount of food you can eat, and by extension, a lot more turns to play. I burned through 214 turns, it felt like a lot more while I was doing it, and I made it to 8th level today. This was a pretty good start day for a new run.

Day two pulls:

Time helmet (+3 turns)
Time Bandit Time Towel (+1 turns)
Time Sword x2 (+3 turns each)
Time Trousers (+3 turns)
Fudgecycle (+7 turns)

I am pulling these specific items because, if I equip these items over night, I will get a bonus 23 turns per day (20 for the items and a bonus 3 for wearing all the time gear together).

Stinky hi mien x3
Gimlet x4
Not-a-pipe x3
Milk of Magnesium

This combination of food and drink will provide me with an optimal number of stat gains and additional turns. I expect with the equipment and food, I will get between 200 and 225 turns to play each day. My last three pulls will be determined later, if it starts to look like I will hit the Sorceress’s tower before I am out of Ronin, I will need to start pulling items I need for that.

I had forgotten that my favorite class to play in this game is a Pastamancer. The reason is, with this combination of gear I can use most of my skills and spells for nearly zero Mana points, the Wizards hat reduces MP cost and almost all my other gear allows me to regenerate extra MP each turn, so even a Lunging Thrust Smack that costs 7 Mana, end up costing me nothing at the end of the turn. Additionally, I can pretty easily dole out 100 damage using even the low level spells.

KoL Play Theory

In Kingdom of Loathing, immediately after ascension, your character is in Ronin for its first 1000 turns. What this means is, you are limited to the amount of equipment you can use from previous runs. In my experience it is difficult to get more than 200 turns per day, so for the most part you are going to spend 5 days in the Ronin state. The hardest day is day one of course, my next run I plan to do as a Saucerer, so my gear is bent towards the Mysticality classes. This pull list gives me a complete set of Mr Store items and quality food and drink for the first day.

Jewel-eyed wizard hat
Camp Scout backpack
Sneaky Pete’s leather jacket
Staff of Queso Escusado
Jarlsberg’s pan
Mr. Accessory
Ms. Accessory
Mr. Accessory Jr.
Snow Suit or Plastic Pumpkin Bucket
5x Bat wing stir-fry
3x Gimlet
Milk of magnesium
Clockwork pirate skull

I may forgo a couple of the Mr Store Items and pull Meat Engine and Dope Wheels, this will save me having to wast time building the Meat Car and I can untinker the car and use its parts along with the Clockwork Pirate Skull to make a Clockwork Maid for my camp ground, which will give me a couple of extra turns each day.

The other thing I am considering is not pulling any food or drink and making my own as I go along. I can pull the Chef-in-a-Box and Bartender-in-a-Box which makes it so I do not have to burn turns to cook food or mix drinks. The advantage to this idea is 2 pulls rather than 8, plus I get the two -in-a-Box’s, the downside is I will probably end up with lower quality food and drink, which translates to fewer adventures and smaller stat gains.

Things I have been up to

It has been a bit since I last posted. So this is sort of a “Lets play catchup” post.

Vacation: Over the Halloween weekend, my niece got married. The upside was it is nice to be able to reconnect with family I have not seen in years and overall it was a nice time. The downside was I had to fly to Montana, I really do not like flying, there is nothing pleasant about the experience. I am also not a big fan of Montana, but at least it did not snow while I was there.

Kingdom of Loathing: My obsession with this game continues, although not at the level it was the first time I played. I have spent a bit of money recovering some of the items I use to use, more out of nostalgia than the need to use them.

Computers:  Bought PezWitch an Alienware Area-51, it was a bit on the pricey side, but she is really good about keeping her computers for 3-5 years and besides, I promised her a better system after buying her an X51, which was not quite what she wanted at the time. So when it gets here, I will be inheriting her X51, it has an i7 and about 18 months of warranty left. My current system is an i3 and its warranty went out last month. For my birthday, PezWitch got me a Chromebook. I have always been a big fan of mobile computing, but I never seem to be happy with what I get. As with anything, there are trade off’s, in this case its weight, cost and performance, you may pick any two, which gives us three options.

  • Performance-Cost: This is right out, no one wants to carry a 15 pound monster around, we call these things desktops and they are not meant to be carried in a bag through an airport.
  • Weight-Performance: This is actually the mother lode of mobile computing, the problem is I can’t afford a $3000 laptop.
  • Cost-Weight: This is usually what I end up with, a reasonable priced system that weighs something less than 8 pounds but does not perform the way I would like it too even for menial tasks like web browsing and email.

I am hoping a Chromebook will give me a little bit of each.

#GamerGate: I tried using the Adblock Plus filter list, this did not work worth shit, so I went to using a hosts file to redirect the unwanted sites to an IP address of, this works perfectly.