Monthly Archives: May 2015 update

I think I have fixed most of the broken images, so the site should be back to normal for the most part. If you see something wrong, let me know so I can fix it.

Stupid, cowardly assholes

This bit of weirdness occurred yesterday on Twitter. It is interesting that I have no idea who Devin Faraci is, apparently he is an actor and a blogger. I can tell three things about this guy from this exchange, first he is not terribly smart, second he is an asshole and third he is a coward.

On the first point, it should have taken less than 10 seconds to figure out that ThornBlossom is the woman in that picture, not the man. Devin, apparently did not make this leap, nor did he take 10 seconds to find out, he simply attacked. Intelligent people make sure they are attacking the correct person, smart people take the time to know their enemy, Devin did neither of these thing, so I can only conclude he is not terribly smart.

On the second point, he lashed out at GamerGate, saying often their avatars are either anime or “School shooter selfies”, whatever that means. PezWitch (ThornBlossom) responded not with an attack, but rather some self depreciating humor. Devin being the kind of person he is, did respond with a personal attack.In short, Devin is an asshole, I am sure his mother is very proud of the man she raised and I am sure any woman would be proud to call him her man.

Lastly Devin blocked everyone who challenged his attack on Gamergate. He made that “you look like a kiddie fiddler” comment, then blocked PezWitch before she could respond. Because Devin is not terribly smart, he did not block me, so I can still see the entire exchange. Devin is the type of person who likes to dish shit out, but cannot take it himself. He will sucker punch you then jump in his car and drive away, while declaring he won the fight, when in fact there was no fight and even if there was one, the guy who ran away looses by default.

Updated campaign map

One of the things I did while I was on vacation was update the map I use for my HackMaster campaign. I cleaned it up a lot, I drew the original map in 9 sections, one section at a time, I added way too many terrain types and generally over thought the whole thing. In the early days of the campaign, I literally had no idea what was 50 miles east of Cotedela (the southern most town) until the players threatened to travel in that direction, so I did not draw in obvious roads and trade routes or what should reasonably be considered farm land.

This is a sandbox game, meaning it takes place in a very limited area, where the PC’s choices and action have real and lasting impact on the area. In this case it is an island that is roughly two and half times the size of Hawaii. It would take about 10 days to cross the island on horse back. It is in the northern hemisphere of the world, in the cooler climates. Summers are not excessively hot and it tends to rain a lot, the winter tends to last longer than summer and can be harsh, the upper altitudes have snow year around. The southern half of the island is far more civilized than the northern. When the island was part of the empire the northern half of the island was considered a reservation and no settlements were allowed by imperial decree. The empire has since fallen, but the human residence of the island still remain in the south by tradition. is back up

My internet has been down since Sunday thanks to the Texas rain we have been getting. Apparently there was a lightning strike somewhere along the line. The repairman has to replace all the wiring from the pole to the house, including the connector inside, the DSL modem and they even had to swap me to another card at the data center. So life is good.

I live the life I choose

You know, I think I have too much happening in my life right now. A few weeks ago as we were winding up the game, I got kicked off the server and could not log back into the game. This upset me far more than it should have. I usually do not tend towards emotional outbreaks but for some reason not being able to play HackMaster made me very very depressed. Even a couple of days later, I found myself having anxiety about next weeks game.

I know a lot of people would tell me I am having an abnormal reaction to this situation, I should not be having these feelings about not being able to play a game. To those people I would like to point out, playing the Friday night game is my only real social contact get outside of my Wife. Sure, I go to work and interact in a fairly social way with my co-workers and I suppose that should count for something. However, the Friday night game is not a forced situation where I have to get along with everyone. The Friday night game is something I choose to do.

Chad, Bruce, Thor and David are my best friends, Scott is my second favorite relative. I have real conversations with these guys, we have meaningful relationships. The game is not just about playing HackMaster and fucking up some orcs. We talk about how our work week was, we discuss the books we are reading and the movies we have seen. We laugh, we drink, we debate the issues of the day, we occasionally argue over stupid shit, and we talk about “The Good Old Days”.

Welcome to the new VIRTUALIZED!

I recently took a RedHat Linux course and decided I needed to put some of this new knowledge to work. I built out a Linux virtual machine and transferred my website to it. This adds a nice layer of security to my setup and makes backing up immensely easier. Of course there are now some broken images and such, but nothing huge, I may even eventually fix the problem.

Player Character Antics

WotC announced their next big adventure after Elemental Evil, entitled Rage of the Demons. Apparently it will feature Drzzzit very prominently, I have a slight problem with this. In my Forgotten Realms campaign, Drzzzit and Elminster killed each other in a rather anti-climatic duel over a bar wench. Rumor has it the fight was instigated by a rather shady group of transients who had been hanging around town. Nothing was ever proven since the group left town in a rather hurried fashion shorty after the incident.

Slight update to malware problem

So it seems I did not have malware after all, my 20 year streak is in fact still intact. On further examination I discovered this was simply a java powered ad that Adblocker Plus was not blocking, the ad was moving from tab to tab as I changed, it is actually kind of clever.

This morning I completely removed Chrome and installed Chromium (the open source version). This precipitated me having to re install my browser extensions, when I did this I realized I had been using a hopelessly outdated version of Adblock Plus. This was a side effect of my using my Google account to sync all of my systems, it was automatically installing the original version I installed like 3 years ago, not updating to the latest version. So I am using Chromium for the moment, everything seems to working fine. Now if the fucker would just allow a decent version of NoScript, I would be a lot happier.

This day was going to come at some point

So today I ended up with a malware infestation, this surprised me for two reasons, one, I have not had this problem in 20 years and second, linux is generally pretty immune to this stuff.  The malware is pretty mild, it is just annoying pop up ad that should be being blocked by AdBlock Plus or my anti-Ad host file. The vector of attack in this case was Chrome and manifest itself as a “Deals” pop up. At first I did not think much of it, I figured the Escapist was just being a bitch, then the ad followed me to other sites. I shut down Chrome and fired up FireFox to see if the same thing happened, going to the same websites and it did not. So I went into my home folder and wiped out all of my Chrome config/cache folders and ran Clamtk to search for malware. The scan did pick some stuff up, so I deleted that as well. Everything seems to be back to normal now. However, I no longer trust Chrome. FireFox has several extensions that make it pretty safe and secure, Chrome has some equivalents, but those plugins are not nearly as functional in Chrome as they are in FireFox. For instance Adblock Plus in FireFox works flawlessly, in Chrome it lets certain types of ads through. This is because Google makes most of its revenue on ads and therefore an adblocker in their browser in counter to the profit motive. Don’t even get me started on the lack of a NoScript plugin for Chrome. So it looks like I am back to FireFox for the time being.