Monthly Archives: April 2016

Playing the game

It has been the better part of three years since I have participated in a role playing game (RPG) as a player. The last time was an ill fated forum based game, Bruce was running a great game that I was enjoying a lot, but we ran into two problems. First, I was trying to install and maintain the forum software myself and so when things went wrong, they went really wrong. The second problem was, forum games develop way too slowly and you have to remember to log in everyday and check progress. Unfortunately it is way too easy to loose momentum. I really should have learned my lesson about this when we were trying to use to run some of our games.

Chad has said he would run a Top Secret or a Traveler game if he got enough people interested, but neither of those games particularly interest me. Fantasy is my preferred genre in RPG, although I would love to play Call of Cthulhu or Mutants and Masterminds (or any horror or superhero game for that matter). But alas, none of my other players seem terribly interested in running even a short term game, so that pretty much leaves me on my own to find something. Of course here in lays one of my other problems, I don’t really want to play with a group of strangers or even acquaintances, I’d rather play along side the people I ready play with.

It spring time

This is the time of the year when I want to abandon my life and run away. When I want to spend the rest of my life smoking dope, and fucking on the beach while rock & roll plays on the radio.