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I fought the age old war and I lost

So I made one of my journeys into Windows yesterday. I have felt for a couple of years now that Windows has finally become a reasonably stable and useful OS. I use it at work and have felt pretty neutral about it for quit some time. As I get older, I find myself less and less willing to fuck around with stuff. I have not built a computer in years, preferring to buy from OEM’s instead where I can get a one stop warranty. Like it or not, Linux, even the best of them always requires some screwing around. There are also some interesting stuff coming up, like the Occulus Rift, which I am looking forward to, that I would like to try. So with the long weekend, it seemed like a good time to try Windows once again. I lasted less than 12 hours.

Friday night, before I went to bed, I backup all my important data and downloaded all the latest drivers for my system. I dug up my Windows 7 Home Premium disc I got with the system and I went to bed. Saturday morning I got out of bed, made coffee and put the Windows CD in at around 8:00 AM, it was all down hill from there. By 6:30 PM, my frustration level was through the roof and I pulled out my Ubuntu Mate install USB Key. Two hours later, I had my OS installed, including updates and drivers, the only thing left was to let Dropbox sync and install my Steam games, both of which can be done while I slept.

When I started this post, I was going to go into all details of the trials and tribulation I went through, but now that I think about it, I am too exhausted. At this point, I have no idea why my system slowed down to a crawl, or why it started freezing, or why it would not download any updates, all I know is after 6+ hours of trying to solve these problems (I did take a break from it), it just seemed like too much trouble.

#DC Rebirth

I have been reading some of the spoilers online about DC Comics upcoming Rebirth event. If you don’t know what that is, in a nutshell, after DC’s last reboot, they did away with a lot of legacy stuff that fans were not happy with. So they have decided to bring some of this back and they have been building up to it for about 8 months now.

One of the conversations I have seen around Rebirth, is there seems to be a group of people who do not want to see Green Arrow and Black Canary get back together. Most of them site an uninteresting relationship, one that is not like Lois and Clark or Ralph and Sue. These people do not feel it is an epic love story and is therefore not worth revisiting.

I disagree, one of the best aspects of Oliver Queen were his relationships. It is true, Ollie and Dinah aren’t Lois and Clark or Ralph and Sue, but that is a good thing. If all the relationships were the same, it would boring. The relationship is interesting because as Ollie and Dinah they are a doomed couple, both are bored and feel trapped, this is why both of them have had affairs. But as Green Arrow and Black Canary, the relationship is hot and exciting and they can’t stay away from each other.

Lois and Clark have polite little spats, Ralph and Sue have been married so long, they don’t even fight anymore and the sex for both couples is probably about the same. But Ollie and Dinah, they have knock down drag out rock and roll fights. And you know what else, the make up sex is volcanic and they do it in costume more often than not. They are always on the verge of breaking up, but they just can’t give each other up because its just too damn hot.

Ollie and Hal is one of the great Bromances of comic history. As heroes they could not be more different, Green Lantern, a cosmic power police officer and Green Arrow a street level vigilante who on occasion has crossed the line. But as Ollie and Hal they like the same bars, drink the same beer and watch football together on Sunday afternoon. They always have each others back and never keep secrets from each other.

Then we get into his relationships with Roy Harper, Conner Hawk and Mia Dearden. I think very few characters in comics has had the color and depth of relationships that Green Arrow has, most of which was wiped away by the New 52. I hope they bring back these relationships, the current version of Green Arrow lacks this depth.

Re: Roll20Con

So the D&D5E game I applied for went south, so I withdrew my application and found a different one. He requested we build 2 characters, a primary and a backup. My primary is a basic wizard, Fireballs, Lightning Bolts and other heavy artillery, if I say I am casting a spell, its a good idea to wait before running into the room. My secondary character is a straight forward Rogue, Pick locks, Find/remove traps, sneaking silently through the shadows. If you see me standing behind someone, they are either about to loose their purse, or get a dagger in the back.

Anyone who has seen me as a player, knows my preference is for fighters, and that was definitely my first choice. The problem was, when I looked at the other players, I saw at least one each, Fighter, Ranger and Paladin, so there were sword arm a plenty. I did see another person who wanted to play a spell caster, but I figured if necessary, I could always fallback to the Rogue, seeing as no one else has as of yet chosen a Rogue as their primary.




On June 3rd, is having an online gaming convention. I have decided I am taking the day off and I am spending the day playing D&D online. I really want to play, but every time I look at the available games, nothing jumps out at me. I have been back several times and watched new games get posted and older games fill up, but still nothing really grabs me and says, lets go. I think I have the same basic problem I have always had. I prefer to game with a very specific set of people. I think I have to force myself to game with people I don’t know. In the past when I have done so, I have always had fun, so I don’t know why I am so reluctant to do it.

Edit – Update: Okay I broke down and signed up for two games; here is my tentative convention schedule;

12:00 AM Opening Ceremony

5:00 AM VIP Streamed Game (I may not make this)

9:00 AM Panel, Publishing in the Digital Age

10:00 AM The Ruins of Efreeti (D&D 5E)

3:00 PM Mutants & Masterminds 3E Game

9:00 PM VIP Streamed Game

11:30 PM Closing Ceremony

Recent Projects

Recently I have been messing around with Arduino boards. At first I was looking at them as an extension of my Raspberry/Banana Pi boards. That was definitely a mistake, these things can be programmed to do a fairly wide variety of things.


Pictured here are the two projects I have been working on. To the right is a simple digital picture frame, this was not terribly difficult to put together, it is kind of ugly but runs off a battery pack. To the left is what I refer to as the Turtle, which is a prototype sensor platform, the idea is it will collect data on light, temperature, sound and movement, transmitting all of this data to my webpage via wireless network (you can see the ESP8266 wireless bridge in the upper left quad of the picture). Currently the networking portion has been completed, I can interact with it across the network, the next stage is mounting the sensors.