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Adding a Hard Drive to an LVM Group

I am putting this here so I do not have to go digging for it again. If you are looking for more detail, go here;

sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb

sudo vgextend ubuntu-vg /dev/sdb

sudo lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/ubuntu-vg/root

sudo resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/root


Wrapping up vacation

So here I am on the tail end of my vacation. I got a lot of tech stuff done. Here is a snapshot of the inside of the server I built earlier this week.


Building it was mildly entertaining, it certainly was not enough of a challenge to make me want to do it again. Normally, I prefer to let Dell build my machines for me. All in one warranties being the primary reason and just not having to fuck with anything being the second reason. I decided to build this one because I had some specialized requirements that I was not going to get from an off the shelf machine and besides, I needed to contribute to PezWitch’s place of employment, which is where I purchased the parts and assembled it. I will say this, after building the machine and spending several hours getting it up and running my virtual machines, I do have a mild sense of accomplishment.

RE: Setting up Mystic BBS on Linux

Almost a year ago I wrote tutorial on setting up Mystic BBS software under Linux.

Setting up Mystic BBS on Linux

I had a couple of problems with it, first I was never able to get Telnet to properly work and ssh required users to login twice. I have since figured out how to get Telnet to work and dispense with ssh altogether. The instructions in my previous post still apply, except I would download the latest Alpha version 1.12 A22, this supports 64 bit Linux, so you do not have to install all the 32 bit libraries to make it work.

Second, once you have gotten everything running, add the following line to the /etc/rc.local file

/home/mystic/mis -d

What this does is starts the Mystic BBS built in server in daemon mode, turning your system into a Telnet server. The server software even transitions itself to run as the owner of the program rather than root as a security precaution.

I have not made this accessible to the public, I am not sure I am going to. I originally started this project as part of my Cyberpunk campaign, as a sort of prop to be used during the game. While this was an interesting exercise in 90’s technology, it really is terribly outdated, and does not really offer anything a mediocre website with plug in parts could not do better.



More Vacation Fun

So yesterday I built a computer, the first one I have built in several years. It basically reminded my why I stopped doing it. It was not terribly difficult, it took me about an hour and booted on the first try. Thomas did the cable management for me, personally I think cable management is for weenies, but PezWitch insisted.

The idea behind the new system was I wanted to be able to run 4 or 5 virtual machines, but it did not have to be a total beast of a system. I went with an Athlon 6 Core CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and 2 x 1 TB drives. Future upgrades will include another 16 GB of RAM and setting up 3 x 2 TB hard drives into a RAID 5. There is no particular need for a solid state drive or even a decent video card

While it did not take long to build the thing, getting it ready to do something useful took much longer. I broke the first rule of Linux, which is always check the hardware compatibility list before buy hardware. I ran into a bit of trouble with the network controller, which required me to compile a kernel module, which is no big deal. The funny thing was, while I was searching for the fix for the network issue, I ran into a solution for fixing the USB3 ports for this motherboard, I didn’t even realize I had a problem with the USB3 ports, apparently, quite by accident, every port I used was a USB2 port. The final bit of fun, was trying to remember how to add a new drive to an LVM volume so I could take full advantage of the 2 x 1 TB drives.

At this point, I have two VM’s running, one being my website server running Ubuntu 14.04 Server, the second is where I am going setup a telnet BBS and perhaps an IRC server, at this point it is a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 Server. The 3rd VM will be my Windows 7 VM, I use it like twice year, so there is no real reason for me to have it sitting on my main box take up hard drive space. I am taking requests for the 4th VM, I am thinking some weird little used Operating System, I wonder if I still have my OS/2 discs laying around here?

Edit: 3 VM’s running, as you can see, the cores are starting to get a load and memory is about 2/3 free. Of course only Server 1 is running anything beyond the OS.

Screenshot at 2016-06-22 15:23:23

Vacation Days


Here is a screen shot of my current desktop. I have been working on this since yesterday. Obviously I am working on two monitors. The monitor to the right is my primary monitor where I run my web browser and anything else that requires my full attention. To the left if my fire and forget monitor, it is where I put my mp3 player, email client, etc.

In the lower left hand corner is an embedded xterminal, yes, I always have a command line open, there are a lot of tasks that I do, where a bash shell is just faster and easier. I used Devilspie to embed it in my background. On the right side that monitor is conky, which is system monitor software that lets me watch CPU and memory usage. I have also scripted it to give me a Slashdot RSS feed.



I crawled out of bed this morning at 1:30 AM to attend the the opening ceremony of Roll20Con. It was probably not worth getting up for. The follow up panel was on API programming. This was very interesting, but it was buffering terribly and was basically unteachable, so I went back to bed. I then got up at around 6:00 AM, at this point they were playing Fiasco, but it was not in English. At about 7:00 AM they started playing D&D 5E, this was kind of interesting. The problem with D&D is, D&D is kind of boring to watch, but these guys did try to keep it entertaining as best they could.

At 11:30 AM I started “Let’s Raid the Temple of Elemental Evil” D&D 5E game. The basis of the game, was to play through the best part of the Prince of the Apocalypse adventure, which was the Air Elemental dungeon. This was a fun time, I like Con games because there are no expectations, everyone is there to play a one shot and you are probably never going to play together again. This makes for an interesting dynamic between complete strangers, trying to work together through a problem. This was the first time I had played in at least 3 years so my hopes were very high, and this GM certainly delivered.

I then attended the GMing on Roll20 panel, which introduced me to some features that I was unaware of, like the GM map layer which lets me lay down a map that only I can see, then lets me hand draw the map the players see over the top of it. There was also an interesting feature request segment, which discussed how horrible the Roll20 Market Place is.

Finally, I watched a Dungeon World game GMed by the creator of the game. This was a really painful game to watch. This game was 3 pompous players working at cross purposes and a 4th player who was trying to keep it all together while the others mocked him and treated him like a pet. Now you could throw this off as a “Well we were just playing our characters” thing, but it sure felt like this poor bastard was playing with three Ed’s. I did stick with it though just because I wanted to see the train wreck at the end, which never quite came.

I plan to attend again next year, if they do it again. Next year, I would like to see better organization around the games. Define start and stop times with short breaks in between blocks. I was only able to get one game in, the second game I signed up for folded before the Con started, but even if it had happened, the D&D game went over by 2 hours and I would have been playing two games at the same time.  Of course the argument against this is, all the tables are virtual, so this does not have the same limitations that a real world game convention would have, so there is no reason to have time blocks.

Anyway, it was fun and I hope next year I can get a couple of the guys to attend with me.