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HackMaster: Desert Dreams

So as I have mentioned earlier, Bruce is running a a HackMaster game for a while to give me a break from GMing. Chad has volunteered to play the cleric. This does not have me worried particularly. The worst he can do is be a dedicated follower of Shiva the Destroyer and he will make the rest of us convert before he will heal us. However, I think that is very unlikely.

I think we are going to see a new riff on Father Guido Sarducci. Back in the old days, Chad played a Top Secret character named Father Guido Sarducci of the Vatican Secret Service. I could definitely see a young Brother Sarducci leaping out of Chads brain and into our game. Of course this is also a possibility.


Jack Chick Dead at age 92

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, it was that Jack Chick passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 92. For those of you who don’t know who this is, he created what is known as the Chic Tracks, small christian comic books designed to tell us all we will burn in hell. The most famous of these tracks was the Dungeon & Dragons track which helped fuel the D&D is satanic panic in the early 1980’s. So long Jack, while you did not intend it as such, you gave us hours of hilarious entertainment.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventures

As I was considering my Castle Defiant sandbox game, I went looking for published DF adventures. The Pyramid adventures see fairly short, probably good for 1-2 sessions unless the GM expands on them in some way, Mirror of the Fire Demon is longer and is probably good for 3-4 sessions.

Pyramid DF Adventures;

  • 3/38 The Golden Geniza of Ezkali
  • 3/50 The Caverns of Willowdeep
  • 3/56 Caverns of the Chronomancer
  • 3/80 Gog and Magog
  • 3/89 The Titan’s House

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Series

  • Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon

If I were going to run this campaign, this would be a pretty good start to it. I have a map with some history and background and I have plenty of adventure opportunities without much work. I am sure there are some DF adventures out there by 3rd parties, perhaps I will go digging for some as my next project.


At this moment in time, I really fucking hate my life.

RE: Castle Defiant Sandbox

So I have spent a little bit of time on this, although I doubt I will put much more in as I do not really see this campaign ever coming to fruition. This is the larger 300 mile by 300 mile map showing Balgaren’s Crater to the north.


What I have in my head at the moment, is dividing the map 3 by 3 into 9 sectors. Each sector would have one major adventure location, and probably two to three minor adventure locations. For instance, in the center where Castle Defiant is located, the town itself is an adventure location as is the swamp on the north end of the sector. Obviously in the center-north sector the crater is the major adventure location. I am inclined to place Mirror of the Fire Demon in the left-south sector, changing the town Wadi Al-Sheik to Castle Defiant. The Titan’s House could probably go in the right-north sector, especially if that sector was made more mountainous. Caverns of the Willowdeep could be easily placed in any of the eastern sectors.

There were some concerns in the forums about how magic, specifically healing magic was done in Dungeon Fantasy (DF) as opposed to Banestorm. In the Banestorm setting, there is no divine magic and healing can be done by anyone who knows the spell. In DF, only those with Divine Favor can use healing spells, which is separate from arcane magic. In my view point, this is DF game first and a Banestorm campaign second. So either this is an alternate Banestorm world where pagan beings walk the earth granting divine favor or keep the setting the same, keep DF the same and hand wave the whole thing away with a hillbilly “Thats just how we do it here!”.