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Happy 4/20

To all my Day Dream Believer friends, this is your day, Have Fun!

Thoughts on Windows 10

So I have been comfortably using Windows 10 for a week now. There was not any real bumps in the road since I had been using it at work for the last year or so. Most of the software I was using in Linux is available in Windows as well; Thunderbird, GIMP, LibreOffice, etc, so I have not really needed to learn anything new. The only thing I am really twitchy about is malware and such, using Linux I simply never had to worry about it before and now I cringe every time the odd browser redirect occurs, but so far so good.

Windows has come a long way in the last 15 years, I really did not like Windows XP or any of iteration prior, it was buggy, unstable and insecure. Even Windows 7 and Windows 8, while serviceable just did not really settle with me very well. Windows 10 seems to finally be more or less where it needs to be. I have not suffered a single crash or weird glitch since I started using it. It seems to be handling all the weird beta stuff I have been throwing at it, like WebVR sites and it continues to run smoothly.

Things I don’t really like are of course the lack of true configurability and flexibility. I mean sure, I can change my wallpaper, move the task bar, and change some colors, but really not much more. Linux I could literally change my windows manager and significantly change how I interacted with the machine. I have for the most part left it alone, not really even changing from the default Alienware wallpaper. I kind of feel since I cannot do anything major, then the minor things are probably not worth much effort.

RE: VR and Linux

I have replaced my old Alienware X51 with a new Aurora R6. It has everything I wanted a 7th gen i7, 16GB of RAM and a 1060 Nvidia card. The price point was exactly where I wanted it. The only thing I skimped on was I did not get a solid state drive, I already have one and adding it to the order would have sent me over my price point, so I settled for a regular spindle drive.

I got the system last Monday, I initially setup the system to dual boot, it took me about a half hour to remember how to add a EFI boot path and update grub so it presented me with a menu to boot to either Linux or Windows. This was mostly because if I had an issue with the system, when I called tech support, I would not have to panic them with Linux.

On Tuesday I had a discussion at work about my new computer and the reason I bought it was to eventually buy an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift. This initiated a very exited conversation about VR and the future of computing. The fact is, I have been waiting for VR since the mid 80’s, even before I read Neuromancer or saw the Holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation. So I went to Best Buy and bought myself an Oculus Rift, because I just did not want to wait anymore.

Linux support for the Oculus Rift is non existent and is very unlikely to see anything for at least another year. Support for the HTC Vive has just entered beta and everything I have read on it, says it at least 4-6 months from being usable. So here is the reality of VR on Linux, we are at least a year from having a stable platform from which to work and then we are at least 2-3 years from having any interesting application of it. So at long last, I believe I have come across the killer app that makes me move to Windows and give up Linux.

So I am making another foray into using Windows as my primary operating system. I have tried this before and I always end up going back to Linux. It is very possible that in a moth I will say screw this, hook up the Rift to PezWitch’s machine and go back to Linux, but for the time being, I have switched to Windows 10. I used a nice little utility Called Paragon SSD Migration Tool to clone the Windows 10 install on the spindle drive to my SSD, it took less than an hour and was very easy, although afterwards I did have to reinstall a couple of applications, though I am not sure why. Then I formatted the spindle drive and moved my data to it. I saw a significant improvement in the performance of Windows 10