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Server is back up

I got the server back from the repair shop. Oddly the problem was the CPU, I say oddly, because in the last 20 years I have seen less than 5 CPU’s go bad out of the hundreds of computers I have worked on. Fortunately the CPU was still under warranty and the shop replaced the CPU while they RMA the failed one. I imported the quick and dirty VM I built over the weekend and again, here we are. I like the fresh start, so I am going to stick with it. I may or may not put the game wiki back up, I have not decided yet if it was really worth my time or if my players actually used it or not. One of the issues with it was it grew organically over a 10 year period and so there is a lot of clutter, so If I do decide to put the wiki back up, I will start all over again and build it up in a much more organized fashion.

Me and my C64

Last year while the wife was off in Montana helping to take care of my mother, I bought an old Commodore 64 with intent of gutting it and putting a Raspberry Pi in it. Long story short, I was actually able to repair it with a 20 minute soldering job. Since then it has been a center piece of my nerd cave, while I do not use it much, I do occasionally fire it up and play Zork or Hammurabi. Well a couple of week ago I came home from work and found it on the floor, apparently knocked off the desk by one of the cats. When I booted it up, all the characters were funky. A quick run on google showed this was actually a common problem when shipping these boxes. The character ROM (901225-01) is socketed and occasionally come loose and the fix is to open it up and re-seat the ROM. This morning I got ambitious and opened it up for the 2nd time, it did not take long to figure out which was the correct chip, but the process was fairly easy. and when I put it back together, it booted up fine and dandy.


As you can see, I am back into Zork without too much hassle.

I have been thinking about this movie all week!

“Fritz! Get up for God’s sake, get up! They’ve killed Fritz, they’ve killed Fritz! Those lousy stinking yellow fairies, those horrible atrocity filled vermin, those despicable animal warmongers, they’ve killed Fritz! Take that, take that, take that you green slime! You black hairy short bowlegged…”

Maybe its time for a fresh start?

So now that I have a new fresh blog, maybe its time to throw away the old one. The problem with the old one was it has been moving from host to host for nearly 10 years. This movement has not been kind and many of the links are dead, and many images no longer show up. Plus I have not really update the look either, I pretty much used the same zBench theme for the last 7 or 8 years at least. And of course I have not really been posting much recently, depending instead on Facebook and Twitter to a lesser extent to express myself, those things are fine, but they are very transactional in nature. The other thing to consider is whether or not to keep the other content that I maintained. I have a couple of online galleries of some family pictures, I also maintained a wiki for my game group. As with my blog, most of it was outdated, rarely was any new content added and I don’t think there was anything there I considered must keep information.

I have not completely made up my mind, but I think I am leaning in that direction.

Hello world!

So my regular site is down. About a week ago I went about doing my weekly maintenance on it and I found I could not access it via secure shell or VNC. I pulled out an old monitor and keyboard, low and behold the bastard was not posting. I could have done the troubleshooting myself, but decided it was not worth the trouble and took it to a repair shop to figure it out. In the meantime I installed a quick and dirty VM on my main box and here we ware.

Death Dealer in 5E

A couple of years ago Goodman Games published an adventure module for D&D 4E which included a fully stated Death Dealer. I never played 4E much, nor would I ever unleash such a thing on a group, but I thought it might be an interesting exercise for a slow Saturday morning to convert him to D&D 5E. Just as a side note, Death dealers attack bonus is +19 and keep in mind all of this is in addition to all of the skills and special abilities it gets from being a 19th level fighter , so it gets such abilities as Second Wind and Action Surge as well.

The Death Dealer

Level 19 Fighter

Str 30 (+10) Dex 22 (+6) Wis 20 (+5)
Con 27 (+8) Int 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)
Hit Points 647
Armor Class 22

Special Abilities:
Immune; disease, poison
Resist; necrotic

Regeneration 10: Death Dealer regenerates 10 hit points per turn, if the Death Dealer takes radiant damage, its regeneration doesn’t function until the end of its next turn.

Death’s Helm: Enemies within 25 feet of the Death Dealer must make a DC 16 saving throw versus fear or take a –4 penalty to attack rolls and saving throws until the end of combat.

Impenetrable Bulwark: As an action, the Death Dealer makes an attack roll against an opponent, if successful the Death Dealer inflicts no damage nor takes any damage from the opponent Impenetrable Bulwark was used on, the opponent is pushed 10 feet. Impenetrable bulwark cannot be used with the executioner’s ax and requires the Bulwark Shield.

Field of Blood: Requires executioner’s ax; As a bonus action, the Death Dealer may make an attack roll against any and all targets within 5 feet of it, it may then move up to 15 feet and once again make an attack roll on any and all targets within 5 feet.

Horned Fury: When the Death Dealer’s hit points drop below 323, it can make two additional attacks with the Horned Helm as a bonus action.

Scion of Destruction: The first time the Death Dealer is reduced below 1 hit point, the Death Dealer rises on its next turn with 323 hit points.

Executioner’s Ax: +3 to hit, damage 3d6+9. Once an opponent has been damaged by the ax, the opponent will start taking an additional 10 points of necrotic damage per turn until they are dead or are healed by magical means.

Falcon Scimitar: +3 to hit, damage 2d8+9, on a roll of a natural 20, weapon inflicts 6d8+24 damage.

Horned Helm: +3 to hit, Damage 1d8 + 9, any opponent successful hit with Horned Helmet must make a DC 30 Strength save or be knocked prone.

Scale Mail +3

Bulwark Shield +3