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Stranger Things D&D Map

So it has been tough finding a decent shot of the map used by the kids to play D&D. Judging from how they use it, it seems t be a plastic coated grid sheet to which they tape things to it to represent objects. It is kind hard to figure out what everything is and of course I skipped the 10 foot thick walls. Anyway, here is what I think is going on in the room prior to Demogorgon showing up.

Review: Justice League

Currently Rotten Tomatoes has the new Justice league movie rated at 41%. I think this is a horrible injustice to the movie. The Justice League movie is well scripted, well acted and does what it needs to do, bring the band together for a confrontation with Darkseid, which does not happen in this movie, but rather sets it up for the next one. Sure there are a couple of plot holes, but nothing I would consider to be a show stopper, there was also some rough editing going on in the early part of the movie, but again nothing I would consider a serious problem.

I think the reason it is being panned is because of what the movie is not, rather than what it is. What the movie is not, is an Avengers movie. I think the Marvel Universe movies were made for a more general audience, they are trying to appeal to a wide audience. I think with the DC Universe movies, they are catering to fans. I think this works for DC, because while Batman vs Superman was treated roughly the same way, ultimately it made $900 million dollars which made it one of the top ten movies of the year. I think in a couple months Justice League will be in a similar position, non-comic fans will not like it because its not the Avengers, but DC fans will come out, watch it and say, you know what, that was a pretty good movie.

My recommendation is, go see it, no its not an action/comedy buddy movie, it is dark and its serious, but it is a good watch and enjoyable movie. Its only real shortcoming was no Green Lantern.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Everyone

As they say, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Charles Manson is Dead

Charlie Manson is Dead and good riddance. There are people in this world that are literally a waste of oxygen, food and water. This guy was one of them. The world is a better place without Charles Manson and he will be missed by exactly no one. Unfortunately we will have to suffer through a couple days of coverage and reviews of his life and his contributions to all that is bad and evil in the universe. If I had it my way, they would cremate him, put his ashes in coffee can and toss it into an unnamed landfill. The trash has finally been taken out.

Hack the World

One does not simply hack a Gibson!

I kind of feel like this is where we are at right now?

“The latter part of the Twentieth Century was to become known as “The Long Wait” because that is what everybody seemed to be doing. On one hand, the promise of unlimited energy, extended life spans, space travel, cures for most major diseases, 5th-generation computers, and future Clint Eastwood movies seemed just around the corner, promising a world of peace and prosperity.

On the other hand, the eminent threat of nuclear war, the steady destruction of the ecosystem, the failure of world economy, the rise of illiteracy and superstition, massive starvation, fear and mistrust of government, and the lack of really good-tasting diet soda seemed to indicate that even IF anybody managed to survive the coming Apocalypse, they’d have a pretty rotten time of it.

So, since the majority of people on the planet were not involved in the decision-making process of scientists or government officials, as the century drew to a close, more and more of Humanity ground to a slow, mental halt and simply waited to see what would happen.”

–Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire

More ebay fun

This is my latest purchase on ebay. It is a D&D 5E starter box set, I already have a copy of this, but this particular one came with the starter PDF’s printed out and nicely spire bound, the purchase was worth it just for these alone. It cost me $15 + $3 shipping. This is going to become my crash pack for D&D 5E