GURPS Crash Pack


man2manA couple of days ago someone tweeted a picture of their RolePlayer newsletter collection from the early days of GURPS. I commented that I had a complete collection of all thirty issues laying around here somewhere. While I was looking I came across my old copies of Man To Man, Orcslayer and Harkwood. Man to Man, was the proto-GURPS, it was a stripped down version of the 1st edition rules, very basic character generation and combat. Sort of a GURPS Lite of its time. Close on the heels of Man to Man, Steve Jackson Games (SJG) published Orcslayer, which was mostly a series of combat encounters loosely connected by a story line about a group of young squires rescuing people kidnapped by orcs. Much later, after the full GURPS rules were released, SJG released Harkwood a sequel of sorts to Orcslayer. I ran this this mini campaign back in 2011 (WOW, was it really that long ago?), updating it to GURPS 4th Edition. The adventures hold up fairly well and the games were fun and as i said at the time, reminded me why GURPS was my game of choice for several years. This also largely why I am torn between running Dungeons & Dragons 5E and GURPS after we finish our current campaign late this year or early next.

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