Scoring Trolls

I have been on the internet a long time. I have been trolled by the people who invented internet trolling. When you have been at this as long as I have, it becomes a bit of a game really. So needless to say, I am pretty thick skinned and it is very hard to impress me. These days when someone trolls me, I score them 0 to 5.

5: You are a master, you had me spitting nails and calling you Hitler in three posts, good job.

4: You managed to make an interesting argument and kept me engaged, but you probably had to work at it and you might have even made me angry at some point.

3: You are either a really good troll with a boring topic, or a bad troll with a good topic. Either way you managed get me to respond, but most likely I lost interest at some point.

2: Really you are probably a 1 and I have taken pity on you. Your subject is boring and your delivery is poor. I am probably only engaging you to help you improve.

1: You are a complete n00b, I do not find you entertaining on any level. I probably do not even realize you are trying to troll me and responded to you by accident.

0: You probably need to leave the internet.

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