Raspberry Pi vs Banana Pi

Seems like each Christmas I get a small single board computer (SBC), this year it is a Banana Pi. The Beagle Bone Black I was using had some shortcomings that made it difficult to use the way I wanted to. For instance, it required a 5V power source to do anything more than a command line, its Linux distro’s were seriously lacking and the quality of the product was very suspect as I went through two of them in very short order. The biggest issue was most of the things I did with my Raspberry Pi, I had to either abandon entirely or took a serious amount of conversion to make work.

The Banana Pi is for the most part compatible with the Raspberry Pi, it has more choices for OS, the specs are far superior and boots into a GUI while running off a battery. PezWitch bought me two of them, because she dropped one and wanted make sure I had a functional gift, both worked fine. One of them I have mounted on my test bed, the other is going to become the center of Gargoyle Two. Gargoyle One was my first attempt at a wearable data collection device. I have ordered a few things to get this going in the direction I wanted, including a 3.5 in LCD screen. Next weekend I hope to start building Gargoyle Two.


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