Hour of Devastation Pre-release

Today I spent 4 hours playing Magic the Gathering, I do these pre-release tournaments every now and again. The one thing I always learn when I go to them is that I do not play Magic enough to be good at it. Back in the day I would play 3-5 hours a week and I would spend maybe another 2-3 hours a week designing and tweaking decks, these days I do not have the time nor the ambition to do either of those things.

I think I like the idea of playing Magic better than I like the reality of playing Magic. Ideally, I would like to find a super casual group of players who meet once a week at someones house and we spend 1 or 2 hours playing 1×1 games with everyone, then everyone gathers around the table and we spend an hour or two playing a group game. Everyone brings fun and interesting decks and we play for the love of the game and the social gathering. I’d love to be a part of a Battle Deck  or Rookie Deck League, run in a gauntlet format.

I should probably just quit once and for all.

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