I miss Linux

I started using Linux around 1992, I started using it full time around 1999. I stopped using it just a few months ago when I bought an Oculus Rift and decided that was more important than the Operating System I was using. Now a couple of months later, I find myself missing Linux, it is nothing major really, just a lot of little things.

  • It is nearly impossible to get things to look the way I want them to. In Linux, I have control over every part of the user interface and it is pretty easy to get everything just right. In Windows, I can change some colors and choose a background, but that is about it.
  • Windows command line still sucks, even PowerShell blows the big one. In Linux I would regularly drop the the command line to do quick and dirty tasks that are just faster and more efficient than a GUI. The regular Windows command line has a very limited command set which makes it very difficult to built decent scripts without adding a ton of 3rd party programs. PowerShell tried to do better, unfortunately all the new commands are terrible and badly structured.
  • Windows 10 is head and shoulders above Windows XP in security. The problem is, while Windows 10 is kind of “Good enough” it is still not as good as it could be. In Linux I didn’t need a virus scanner or an anti-malware program, heck I almost did not even need a firewall. With Windows, a dedicated virus scanner, a dedicated anti-malware program are absolute MUST HAVES. Anytime a popup appears you had better read every word of it before you click on anything and 99% of the time you are better off killing it than clicking on anything.
  • Windows 10 is also head and shoulders above Windows XP in stability, and again we are solidly in the “Good enough” territory. But you know what, I still get weird error messages and yes the very occasional unhappy face that is the new blue screen of death. In Linux when things went wrong, it was usually because I was being stupid, in Windows, errors just happen out of the blue for no apparent reason.
  • In Linux it was easy to cut off all the internet Ad’s, in Windows even with ADblock Plus and an anti Ad host file, the bloody Ad’s still sneak in and Facebook is the worst.

I could go on, but you get the picture.


  1. I haven’t had a bluescreen since WinME unless I had a hardware failure (well at work I have but that doesn’t count since we were supposed to be trying to make bad things happen and honestly I could crash linux and apple just but hot plugging USB keyboards), I don’t know what you are doing that continue to get so many.

  2. Well if I am the only person in the world who is having problems with Windows 10, then I suppose that is all the more reason for me to go back to Linux. Then Microsoft can shutdown all their support lines and everyone can go home.

  3. You can use whatever OS you like, I’m not trying to change your mind. I’m just saying that my experience has been much different. I have two suggestions that might make a difference. 1)check your memory sticks. A lot of the bluescreens that I have seen in the last 10 years have been related to memory with a bad cell or two. 2)consider that the power supply might not be delivering enough power. 3)heat. I’m sur you have probably considered all these but throwing them out there.