The Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese was the first Magic the Gathering deck I ever designed by myself. Later iterations dropped the Strip Mines, they were banned or restricted I think, I replaced Power Sink with Force of Will, and occasionally I would replace the Ghost Ship with Air Elemental or Mahamoti Djinn, but this was the original deck.

This is a classic U/R control deck, I played counters, burn and disks to keep my opponents side of the table clear, while beating on them with creatures chosen for their ability to regenerate, which makes them great blockers and could even survive popping a Nevinyrral’s Disk. I won a surprising number of games with it, and even the dreaded NecroDeck had a hard time against it once I laid down a second Island.

Ghost Ship x4

Uthden Troll x4
Clay Statue x4

Counterspell x4
Power Sink x4
Lightning Bolt x4
Disintegrate x4
Nevinyrral’s Disk x4

Mishra’s Factory x4
Strip Mines x4
Island x10
Mountain x10

My general strategy was Counter early, Disk away anything that got through during the mid game and use Burn at the end to either keep the other side clean or finish my opponent.

In retrospect I now realize that this was a successful deck because of the meta game I was playing in at the time. We were in Germany and there were very few cards available. No one was playing blue at the time so it was easy to trade for all the blue cards, most of the other stuff, either no one saw the utility in or were actually common and easy to get, because even in our limited environment, everyone had 8 or 10 and were willing to trade them away for harder to get cards. I traded a single Armageddon for all 4 of the Nevinyrral’s Disk’s. This was the first deck in our group to have 4 of every card and by extension, played very consistently. While everyone else was waiting for their big card, I almost always had the cards I needed by the time I needed them.

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