Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set

My first experience with Dungeons & Dragons was the blue box basic set. This boxed set was released in 1977 and was the first mass produced version of the game. It targeted new players and was sold in hobby stores and bookshops. When I was in High School I belonged to the Billings Parmly Library Science Fiction Club. Mostly the club was there to keep teenage nerds from causing trouble in other parts of the library, it was a containment measure of sorts. We did discuss books and movies, and at one point we even made our own home movie, it was mildly amusing for the most part. Our adult supervision, a great lady named Caroline, discovered D&D and thought it would give us something to do, so she bought this Basic Set and brought it to the next meeting. For many of us, this was the beginning a life long hobby. My friend Bruce ran the first game, he put us through the sample dungeon in the back of the rule book, The Tower of the Mad Wizard Zenopus. My character died when he rounded a corner and ran into a giant centipede. I wish I could say I was a good sport and I immediately rolled up a new character and jumped back into the game. However that was not the case, I pouted for a couple of weeks before I started playing again. By that time the rest of the group had made it out of the tower and was making their way through B2 The Keep on the Borderlands, which came with the boxed set. At that point I was hooked and I went out and bought my own set, although the box is long gone, I still have the rule book and a couple of the dice.


I have been advised that it was not B2 The Keep on the Borderlands but rather B1 In Search of the Unknown that came with that boxed set and what Bruce ran after the Tower of the Mad Wizard Zenopus.

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