In the spring of 1984, with $500 in my pocket, I packed my 1968 Dodge pickup with all of my worldly possessions and moved to Bozeman Montana. PezWitch had moved there a month earlier and where PezWitch goes, my heart follows. The first year I was there, I did not game much. In 1985 I was introduced to Steve Jackson Games (SJG) GURPS system. That year they released Man To Man, sort of GURPS Lite of its time, and two adventures Orcslayer and Harkwood. Very late in 1985 was when I was finally able to assemble a game group. The next year SJG released the full version of GURPS along with several supplements. While we still played Dungeons & Dragons, for me, the rest of the 80’s was pretty much dominated by GURPS and we played nearly everything they put out; GURPS Fantasy, Autoduel, Horror, Supers, Swashbucklers, Cyberpunk and yes even Ice Age. When we went to GenCon in 1988, I ran a hilarious GURPS game based on the Myth Adventures books. In Bozeman I was primarily the GM of the group, the group lasted 4 years before breaking up. Real life got in the way, people graduated from college, got jobs, got married. It was a great group that had a good run.

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