2001 heralded in not just the 21st century, but also my return to gaming. At this point, I had not played in 5 or 6 years. I was in a Barnes and Noble bookstore, and I decided to check out what was happening in gaming, when I saw HackMaster, the cover caused a huge rush of nostalgia, I sat down and started reading it on the spot, I think I was there for 20 or 30 minutes before PezWitch found me on the floor wide eyed with glee. In mid 2002, I discovered a program called OpenRPG which allowed people to play RPG’s over the internet, it used chat to communicate, it had a die roller and it had a shared map. It was then that I put together the longest running game group of my life. In the last couple of years we have tried to get away from HackMaster and start playing other more modern and supported games. We have tried the latest version of GURPS and we have been playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition for the last several months. While I think we will continue to play D&D 5E for awhile, I definitely see us eventually going back to HM, or perhaps AD&D 1E, with some HM rules added in. One of the big reasons I like the game is it does not take itself seriously, the writers really just wanted everyone to have a good time and oddly, this is a rare thing in modern RPG’s.

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