Variant Magic Items in D&D

After playing D&D for 40 years, the stock Acme magic items have become boring. Even a very useful item like a Ring of Spell Storing is almost “Meh!” now. So I was thinking, how to make a nice variant on the Ring of Spell Storing to make it more interesting and fun magic item.

Skull of the Wizards Assistant: Although this skull appears to be some sort of undead wizard, it is actually a golem like construct. The older the construct, the more personality it will have and the very ancient ones will be eccentric and may even appear to be insane, while the very youngest ones may not even talk. However even the very oldest of these constructs will unleash the spells the owner wishes. These skulls can memorize spells from a spellbook or from a scroll, they can hold the equivalent spell slots of their designated Level. For example a skull that was built to act as a 5th level wizard will be able to hold 4 Cantrips, 4 first level, 3 second level and 2 third level spells. Once the level of the skull is set, it will never change. Each of these spells can only be used once and can only be used at the baseline level (no using a higher level slot). Once each spell is used it must be stored again, including Cantrips. Storing spells in the skulls require a long rest.

First and second level skulls are fairly common and easy to make. 10th level and above are considered artifact level magic items and many of these have become homes to Lich’s and Demon’s, or have become sentient in their own right.

Skull of the Wizards Assistant Level 10

Level 1 Skull of the Wizards Assistant

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