Attribute point buy for early edition D&D

I have written before about my preferences for standard array or point buy system rather than rolling the dice for attributes. I prefer this because it starts everyone out on more less a level playing field. The problem with rolling dice, while fun and often challenging, often produces an unbalanced party. There is always someone who rolls an 18 and there is always someone whose highest stat is 13. Back in the day we use to use a 90 point system, which was way to much for a starting characters, later I trimmed that down to 80, but that was still too much.

Today, I have come to the conclusion that 70 is about right, however, there should be some limitations on this, because players being players, they will bugger it up. My solution to this is a D&D 5E like Standard array each player may assign as they please and then apply racial modifiers. The array I have settled on is, 15, 14, 13, 10, 10, and 8.

For players who want a bit more flexibility and want the chance to have an 18, there is the point buy system; All attributes start at 8 and you have 22 points to divide between the 6 attributes as you see fit, no attribute may exceed 18. This would allow for two 18’s, but that would leave only 2 points for the other 4 attributes.

I think either of these systems would produce fairly equitable characters that most players would be okay with playing. I think this would work well for all edition from the original through AD&D 2E. Beyond that, the later editions have their own systems for dealing with this.

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