Saturday Night Game

Tonight we had what I consider a really great game. I think this is one of those games we will look back on and say, “Remember that time when….?”. So after last games TPK and the activation of everyone’s proteges, the party was hired to clear out the dwelling of an old mage who had passed away. Simple right, well except for all the mad mages pets and weird experiments, so you know, nothing is ever easy. In the very first room, they just kind of glance into, because they get distracted by an animated suit of armor. While the other players were horsing around trying to figure out how to use the animated suit of armor to their advantage, the party thief went noising around that first room looking for money in the sofa cushion. The thief of course gets knocked out and replaced by a Doppelganger. David, the player, played along with it. He waited in the back of the party until the group got into t fight with something else and then attacked the character who was in front of him. He grabbed the character and covered his mouth so he could not raise the alarm. I told him he could only suffer and take damage until he either made a Strength roll or died. He missed 4 consecutive Strength rolls and was down to just a couple hit points when the party finally turned around, saw what was happening and saved the poor bastard. This was just part of the whole game, there was a little bit of everything. Puzzle solving, roleplaying and good old hack-n-slash, interspersed with plenty of “Holy Shit” moments. It was a well rounded and fun game.

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