Code 4 ?

So I went to Office Max Hobby Lobby today. I am looking for a cheap way to bind PDF’s that I print out. I don’t do it often and I don’t really like binder notebooks where I have to insert the pages into plastic sheets and such. They have binding machines available on Amazon for under $50, but I wanted to see if there was something available locally. I was surprised that I did not find what I was looking for at Office Max, I assumed this was the sort of thing they would have on hand, but I was wrong.

I did not expect to find a binding machine at Hobby Lobby, but I figured they might have a clever alternative for me. So I walked in and went over to the scrap booking section. After looking around for a bit, I hear a calm voice over the intercom, “Code four in Isle 12”. I thought nothing of it, I figured it was a feisty child making a mess. Within a minute or so I had 4 employees surrounding me asking me if there was anything They could help me find. They started asking me questions about the project I was working on and what types of material and tools I was using. I thought this was very odd, normally in stores like this you have to chase employees down and handcuff them to the shelving to get any help. After explaining what I was doing, there seemed to be an air of relief and most everyone wandered away. Curious, I found one of those employees and asked I was the “Code 4”, and she said yes I was. Confused, I asked what a “Code 4” is, and she sheepishly told me it was an unattended male in the store. Apparently scrap booking with power tools is both a thing and is frowned upon by the scrap booking community.

Edit: This was written purely as a joke, Hobby Lobby in no way mistreated me at anytime.

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