The World in VR

Next year Facebook is putting out a new Oculus Rift product, a $199 headset that does not require it to be attached to a computer or a smartphone, the product is called Oculus Connect. Thier stated goal is to get a billion people in the virtual reality. This will probably be the strike price point where VR headsets become cheap enough that nearly everyone can afford a set. My guess is this will be a loss leader for Facebook and they will make their money sell eyeballs to AD companies and sell software through their own software store.

While I am not terribly excited about this product, I suspect it will not be very good and the software will suck, at least in the beginning. My own experience with the Oculus Rift has been less than rewarding. Initially I was very excited and awed by the experience. But as time went on I realized there is very little quality products available for the Rift. Certainly I have watched some really great documentaries and Google Earth is fun, but all of the games seem to have limited re-play options, meaning once you have played through it once, there is no particular reason to do so again, because you now know where everything is at and you know what you need to do, there is no variations to make re-play interesting. The one bright spot here is of course porn, VR porn is really cool.

What I am hoping for, is this new low end entry to the market will drive developers to finally start building interesting virtual worlds that we can explore together with friends. I am waiting for the first VR World of Warcraft to come out, where its not just a single adventure, but a whole world filled with 8 million other people. Killing monsters and stealing their stuff is cool and all, but I also want to be able to visit different cities and have experiences in different cultures. Finally, maybe, just maybe, someone will develop a VR operating system.

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