Homemade Gaming Books

Okay so here it is, I used my laser printer to print out a couple of (legally purchased PDF’s) game books. Since my current obsession is with the 1977 Holmes edition of D&D, I went with that and B1 In Search of the Unknown. Both are fairly small page counts, a nice test run before I go on to bigger books. I considered buying a book binder, Amazon sell them for around $50, but I am just not planning on doing that many projects. PezWitch suggested Slide binders, available on Amazon for $10 for 10, which include plastic sleeves. Overall I am happy with the results, these would make fine table copies. The plastic covers, along with the heavy stock paper I used for the first and last pages, should make these resilient to wear and tear of normal use. Of course the downside is they are pretty ugly and I think even if I had a color printer I would not be particularly happy with how they look. Again though these are not meant to be collector copies, these are meant o be brought to the table and used week in and week out and making them needs to be cheap. Laser printer generally cost around 5 cents per page to print in black and white, the rule book is 50 pages, so including the slide binder, this means the rule book cost roughly $3.50 for me to make myself. The module cost around $3 to make, so $6.50 in total, considerably cheaper than buying on Ebay.

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