Advise for cable cutters

If you are going to jettison cable TV and just use streaming services and over the air broadcasting, I advise you to spend a bit of money getting the proper equipment. If you buy a cheap ass streaming device that scrapes the internet for free (and often pirated) content, you are not going to be happy with the content you receive or the quality of that content. Buy a Roku, buy a Fire TV, buy a Chromecast, you will be far more satisfied with your experience. When buying an antenna the temptation is to buy a cheap set of rabbit ears, because that is what worked when you were a kid. Do not do this, a $10 set of rabbit ears will only pull in channels that are broadcasting within 20 miles or so, the quality will be poor and every time the weather changes you will be fiddling with the orientation. You do not need to buy a huge antenna to mount on your roof, but you do need to spend 60 or 70 dollars to get a decent one you can mount in your window and remember, this is a one time investment. These more expensive antennas will pull in broadcasts from 60 miles away and you should not have to fiddle with it at all. You will be much happier with your decision to cut the cable if you invest just a little money in getting the right equipment.

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