Swords and Spells

I have owned a copy of the original Dungeons & Dragons for many years. When I say original I mean it, The original three little brown booklets, along with that I have the four supplements, Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry and God, Demi-Gods & Heroes. The only part of this that I have been missing is Swords and Spells, the mass combat book that TSR published to replace the aging Chainmail rule set, which predated D&D and was not entirely compatible. I never acquired a copy first because they were too hard to get and second they were always too expensive and not really worth the price. Fortunately, DriveThru RPG recently added it to their Print on Demand products for a whopping $10 plus $3 for shipping, even with the added tax, I was still under $15. As a bonus, it was printed in Austin Texas, so even though it was shipped by turtle back, I still got it pretty much over night. Keep in mind, this is not a replica and is not intended to be, the cover is glossy and it is perfect bound rather than staple bound, so there is no passing this off. But for the sake of completeness I am not going complain one bit.

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