Review: Justice League

Currently Rotten Tomatoes has the new Justice league movie rated at 41%. I think this is a horrible injustice to the movie. The Justice League movie is well scripted, well acted and does what it needs to do, bring the band together for a confrontation with Darkseid, which does not happen in this movie, but rather sets it up for the next one. Sure there are a couple of plot holes, but nothing I would consider to be a show stopper, there was also some rough editing going on in the early part of the movie, but again nothing I would consider a serious problem.

I think the reason it is being panned is because of what the movie is not, rather than what it is. What the movie is not, is an Avengers movie. I think the Marvel Universe movies were made for a more general audience, they are trying to appeal to a wide audience. I think with the DC Universe movies, they are catering to fans. I think this works for DC, because while Batman vs Superman was treated roughly the same way, ultimately it made $900 million dollars which made it one of the top ten movies of the year. I think in a couple months Justice League will be in a similar position, non-comic fans will not like it because its not the Avengers, but DC fans will come out, watch it and say, you know what, that was a pretty good movie.

My recommendation is, go see it, no its not an action/comedy buddy movie, it is dark and its serious, but it is a good watch and enjoyable movie. Its only real shortcoming was no Green Lantern.

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