The Fantasy Trip Returns….Eventually

Steve Jackson announced yesterday the copyright for the 8 The Fantasy Trip (TFT) books he wrote for Metagames has been returned to him. One of the rules under the current copyright laws is the original author can ask for the copyright to be returned after 35 years under some specific rules, which TFT obviously fell under.

I remember playing the micro game spin off of this RPG, Melee and Wizards in High School with my friends in the school library, which mostly consisted of Wizards facing off against each other in an arena. I still have most of the game books and I am looking forward to see what Steve Jackson does with this material.


I do not really remember this game as an RPG. As you can see I do own the advanced books, I bought them at GenCon in 1988, but I have never played the advanced game and I am not really sure I am interested in playing it now. I remember it as a tactical combat game that as I mentioned earlier, we played at lunch time. What I would like to see is Steve Jackson reprint Melee and Wizard in the original micro game format, sort of what they did with the Ogre Pocket Edition they put out a few years ago.

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