Well stocked bug out bag

Okay so you did something stupid and it is a good possibility you will have to go on the run soon. You will not be able to take much with you, pretty much only what you can fit in a backpack, we are talking about a book bag here not a huge camping pack.

  • 2 Burner phones, buy them at different locations on different days, get extra time cards, pay cash for them.
  • Cash, as much as you can afford in a variety of small bills.
  • Visa/Mastercard gift card, again, as much as you can afford, oddly sometimes cash is not an option, pay for it with cash and activate it under a fake name.
  • Clothes, at least 1 change of clothes, a 3 pack of new underwear and socks is probably a good idea, oh and don’t forget a baseball cap and sun glasses.
  • Food, energy bars and water will be godsend if you find yourself hiding in a barn.

Did I forget anything? I am sure someone will suggest a gun and extra ammo, but I am really not a violent person, my instincts tend toward flight rather than fight and my plan is to never be in the position to need a gun.


I was asked why 2 burner phones. The first one is so you can call your Mom or Sister or whatever before you disappear forever. This may sound stupid, but it actually serves a purpose, make the call at a bus station, then leave the phone there to be picked up by someone else, who is hopefully travelling in the different direction than you are.


  1. don’t forget basics like required medicines, a spare set of glasses. things like that. if you have to go to a doctor for BP meds, you are going to get caught. Also make sure your burner phones have removable batteries so that you can completely drop off the cell network.

  2. Excellent points all.