More Fantasy Trip

I sat down and generated a couple of characters. At first I was just going to do one Melee character and one Wizard character, but I decided to use the full TFT rules instead. I had not made a character for the game in many years and in fact I have never played this game as an RPG, only as a tactical combat game. Making a basic game character literally took 2 minutes, the advanced game took me less than 10. I have said for years that one of the things I admire about the Traveler game was that you could express a character in three lines on a note card, TFT characters are about the same.

There is something to be said about simplicity.

ST 13 DX 10 IQ 9 MA 10
Talents: Bard, Horsemanship, Sex Appeal, Shield, Sword, Thrown Weapons
Equipment: Bastard Sword (2+1/3-2), 2 Daggers (1-1), Cloth Armor, Large Shield, Labyrinth Kit

ST 9 DX 11 IQ 12 MA 10
Talents: Literacy
Spells: 3-Hex Fire, Drop Weapon, Far Vision, Fire, Fireball, Rope, Staff, Staff to Snake, Summon Wolf, Trailtwister, Trip
Equipment: Staff, Cloth Armor, Labyrinth Kit

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