RE: RE: The Fantasy Trip

I am not sure this re-emergence of the Fantasy Trip (TFT) is going to be all that successful. Looking around the web in the last few weeks, I have seen a few articles covering the news, but mostly it is just rehashing the Steve Jackson Games (SJG) announcement. Surprisingly, several of the websites dedicated to the subject did not share the announcement. Not surprisingly, the discussion died down fairly quickly on the gaming forums. Even the discussion on the SJG forums seems to be 3 or 4 people talking about rules modifications they want to see. Both the Facebook Group and the Google Plus Group have nearly no discussion going on. Finally, I think this blog is the only place that has talked about it in more than one post.

I think this just bares out what I said earlier, there is really not more than a few hundred active players out there, maybe (probably) not even that many. This game was not all that popular and therefore has a very narrow appeal and I think even most people who did play it back in the day moved on. Steve Jackson said he will be doing a Melee Kickstarter this year, that probably means it will be followed by a Wizard Kickstarter and eventually one for TFT proper. So I have to wonder, will the Melee Kickstarter even fund and if it does, will the follow up Kickstarters fund? It seems unlikely to me right now.

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