Mid Life Crisis

Recently I was in a discussion about the male mid life crisis. The consensus seems to be that the male mid life crisis is the reemergence of the man child, a point in a mans life when he realizes he is 45 and wants to be 25. This is a point in a mans life when he either gets a mistress, a sports car or both. Frankly, I do not see it this way, I think what we see is simply an outward expression of much deeper problem. The male mid life crisis is not about being bored, its not about trying to recapture lost youth, these are only symptoms. I think this is where he figures out he wasted the prime years of his life. This is the point where he realizes all that money in the bank does not mean squat if he drops dead of a heart attack at age 50. This is the time it dawns on him that he does not have close friends anymore and most of his social interaction comes from work. In short, he realizes his life sucks and there is nothing he can really do about it. So if you know a man going through this right now, and you find yourself thinking “That selfish bastard!”, please understand, you are probably one of the reasons he hates his life.

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