Odd assortment of subjects

I have been following the forum threads about The Fantasy Trip on Steve Jackson’s web site. One of the things that amuses me to no end is there is a group of about 5 people who are proposing changes to the system. If even a quarter of these changes were implemented, The Fantasy Trip would essentially be the 1st edition of GURPS. When I point this out, the response is generally not good. I really don’t want Steve Jackson to rewrite GURPS, what I want him to do is give us The Fantasy Trip 2nd Edition he would have done in 1985.

Since I did the bug out bag, a couple of people asked me where I would bug out to. My first response to that is, if I were going to bug out, I would never tell anyone the truth about where I was going. So I am not going to name a specific place, but I will provide criteria. First it would be a large city, someplace where no one sticks out and a new person on the block would go unnoticed. Second, I would probably not go as far as you would think. Moving across country is expensive, even if all you are taking a backpack, having said that, I would leave whatever state I was living in. Third, I would choose someplace with a high transient population, somewhere with a lot of tourists or an industry full of seasonal workers. Fourth, it would have to be somewhere with some decent economic prospects, Detroit, for instance is a big city, but finding a job and a place to live is impossible. Lastly, it would be somewhere I have never been before and someplace where I have no friends or family, the last thing you need when you are bugging out is to run into someone who will recognize you and post it all over FaceBook.

Someone asked me why I would suggest a Chromebook to someone who was interested in Linux. The reason is simple, most people who want to learn Linux really don’t want to learn Linux, what they want is the benefits of running Linux without having to deal with learning Linux. The answer to that problem is a Chromebook, they are cheap, easy to learn and fast, what else could one want from a computer.



  1. so you are going to miami, orlando or anahiem, maybe new orleans but you said decent economic prospects

  2. Actually Vegas is pretty high on my list. Not because I think it would be fun, but because I think it would be easy to go unnoticed.

  3. I assumed you had been to Vegas, learn something new every day

  4. Nope, I have never even passed through on the way to somewhere else.