PezWitch and Cousin, Summer of 76

PezWitch at 6 Months

PezWitch and Best Friend, Graduation day, spring 1982.

PezWitch and brother in the summer of 1967.

PezWitch, November 28th 1964

PezWitch’s 18th birthday

PezWitch at 18 months

PezWitch, first perm, before picture, summer 1982.

PezWitch, first perm, after picture, summer 1982.

PezWitch in Vancouver in the summer of 1976.

PezWitch in July of 1965

PezWitch at TreasureCon II in 1984.

PezWitch in the summer of 1978

PezWitch at TreasureCon I in 1983

PezWitch, her brother and grandmother, May 7th, 1967

PezWitch, mother and brother in 1983

PezWitch graduation day 1982