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Can I have too many dice ?

Will Wheaton is testing the theory that one can never have too many dice. Before he went too GenCon this year he posted that he wanted everyone he met to give him dice and when he got home he would spread them on the floor and take a picture.


To me, this is entirely too cool. Not only did he get a ton of free dice, many of them, he said, came with a story. Unfortunately, many of these stories were “This dice is evil, here take it and good riddance !”, so I am not sure I would allow this lot in with my GameScience dice, who knows what form of luck sucking evil exists in this pile, but it is none the less cool and I am jealous.

Gamescience Dice

These two videos should be required watching for all dice chuckers everywhere. You do not necessarily have to take everything he says at face value and I am not implying that ONLY Gamescience dice are fit for play. However this is an interesting piece because it explains in a very eye opening way, how dice are made and tells us where the mythical “Lucky Dice” and “Cursed Dice” come from. I personally swear by Gamescience dice and would never use anything else at the table. Case in point, at GeekFest when I played the PathFinder game, the GM supplied Chessex dice to those who did not have dice, I of course brought my own, but one of the other players was on a bad rolling streak until I lent him one of my Gamescience dice and his rolls improved immediately.

Part One

Part Two


Dice collection

This is my dice collection as it stands today. I Think I posted this on Facebook before I blew everything away. Practically everyone who has ever gamed with me probably recognizes the red container in the center, which was a sewing box I swiped from my mother.