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Geekfest 2011

This year the Demo game was Dungeons & Dragons 4E. As I was walking down the hall towards the game room, I encountered one of the guys from last years Pathfinder game and he said they were looking for a 4th player for the demo game and I said I just happened to be looking for exactly that. This was a decent game and I enjoyed the time I spent. The other three players all had played together before, which actually made things a bit easier, since they already knew each others strengths and weaknesses. They seemed to have their own pecking order and preferred classes and I was able to follow along, filling in the necessary holes. Sadly the game ended in a near Total Party Kill, with only one character surviving, and he only survived because I suggested he run. While I did have fun, I have to comment that I missed Gavin, the GM from last year. It is probably not fair to compare this years GM to Gavin, because Gavin is an experienced, old school GM and one of those rare GM’s everyone loves to play under.

This is the whole group, minus me of course.

This is the board at the beginning of the game, it was suppose to be a tavern scene, we didn’t really need the board very much.

The GM.

And of course the battle towards the end of the game.

Despite the near TPK, it was a fun game, I enjoyed it, even as we were getting our asses handed to us. I expect I will be there next year as well.

Gamescience Dice

These two videos should be required watching for all dice chuckers everywhere. You do not necessarily have to take everything he says at face value and I am not implying that ONLY Gamescience dice are fit for play. However this is an interesting piece because it explains in a very eye opening way, how dice are made and tells us where the mythical “Lucky Dice” and “Cursed Dice” come from. I personally swear by Gamescience dice and would never use anything else at the table. Case in point, at GeekFest when I played the PathFinder game, the GM supplied Chessex dice to those who did not have dice, I of course brought my own, but one of the other players was on a bad rolling streak until I lent him one of my Gamescience dice and his rolls improved immediately.

Part One

Part Two


GeekFest PathFinder Game

Picture no longer available

I spent all afternoon Saturday at GeekFest playing in a PathFinder RPG demo game. I was not going to do the demo, I was going to attend the Elizabeth Moon writers seminar with PezWitch, but I occasionally get the urge to go to a game convention and play the game with different people and here was an opportunity staring me in the face, so decided to play PathFinder instead.

I am glad I did, the GM, Gavin Smith (on the far left), ran a fun light hearted game, he obviously loves the RPG’s and enjoys GMing, this really came through in his style. The other players were good natured and tolerated my natural bossiness, everyone was engaged, open to new ideas and contributed to the fun. I can tell you, having played more than a few convention games, you do not often get a quality experience like this. With that I would like to thank Gavin and my fellow players, this was the highlight of GeekFest for me. I am in for next year.

Edit: Here is a picture of the whole group, I am partially hidden by the father of the girl sitting next to me. He was not playing, but he was helping his daughter learn the game.

Picture no longer available

Edit 2: Another picture of the game, from Facebook this time, again I am only partially visible, seems there is a pattern developing.

Picture no longer available