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Lifes little things.

My friend Wade found this blog entry a couple of days ago and posted it to Google+. Yes, I am on Google+, yes, I have friends who are Google+, yes there are actual living human being responding to posts on Google+, now shut up and let me get on with this story. So anyway, here is the blog post;


Now go back and read the comments, specifically the post by the guy named Ryan.

So anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows I worked at Miss Kitty’s Adult Bookshop in Bozeman Montana in the mid 80’s. The guy “Ryan” talks about does in fact sound a lot like me. I expressed many of the same things about working there. Mostly boring, hate cleaning the video stalls, etc. The clue here that it is not me, is I don’t play the bango, nor was I commissioned to write a love song to a dildo. So one of two things has happened, either at some point another Chris worked there or this “Ryan” has merged me with another employee.

Miss Kitty’s changed owners a few years ago and is now Erotique. The new owner is Billy McWilliams, who managed the store for many years prior to acquiring the store. When I post a link to this on FaceBook, I will tag him and see if he can clarify the situation for us.

New project…maybe

I am not a big fan of internet ads. I don’t hate them really and I do understand that many things on the internet are paid for either completely or partially through ads, Google and FaceBook being the shining stars of this type of thing. Anyway, as I was saying, not a big fan. I use Adblock Plus and Noscript to block out ads from my web experience. I also use the ad blocking host file which redirects all the common ad domains to local host. Doing this speeds up my internet, makes my web browser considerably more stable and protects me from malware.


I was thinking today as I was making the odd adjustment to my Raspberry Pi web server that I should do something interesting with all those redirects from my host file. Setting up a light weight web server on Linux is trivial and writing some basic php or javascript to do something interesting instead of showing ads would be an interesting challenge. Of course the first thing that popped into my mind was porn, I could set up a javascript to display a random porn picture. If I got really ambitious, I could even set up a control panel so the user can pick what type of porn he is in the mood for that particular day. Hmmm.

My perfect job is in China

A couple of years ago I posted about a job in China that was riding a scooter to a client stuck in traffic, he takes the scooter on to whatever meeting he needs to get to, while you sit in his car waiting for traffic to clear and then driving it to his location, picking up your scooter and  moving on to the next traffic jam. I thought this was a perfect job, until I came across this article.


Apparently, the Chinese government pays people to look for and at porn on the internet. How is this not the perfect job? Okay so technically your job is to deny others their masturbatory needs, but I think under the circumstance, I could forgive myself.

This kind of reminds me of an odd statement made by one of my teachers when I was in High School. He said, one of the reason censorship of pornography failed in the 1950’s was because the people who liked porn the most simply became censors and they had unfettered access to everything being denied to everyone else. There is some evidence now that suggests many censorship groups were in fact porn distribution networks. That right there is what you call irony.

Hot Elf Chick

Carnifex.org is proudly participating in James Smith of The Underdark Gazette plot to bring attention to the Old School Renaissance by posting pictures of hot elf chicks. In this case Mia Rose from WhoreLore (formally known as World of Whorecraft) episode Two.



Tron: Jeremy

Okay after brooding for a couple of hours over our crappy politicians, I needed something funny, something to make me laugh. This did it for me. I want to go see Tron: Jeremy. Don’t worry, the video is safe for work.

Tron: Jeremy


Porn, RPG’s and Politics

I hate political shit storms in places political shit storms should not exist. In my last post, I linked to episode of ” I Hit It With My Axe”, which is a boring video of fully clothed porn stars playing D&D. Apparenty, Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Games Association ( TARGA) posted a link to this video on thier blog and this caused a few of their members to drop support for them. From what I understand, those who dropped support objected to having the organization associated with the porn industry. TARGA so far has stuck to their guns and refused to remove the link or disavow their relationship with Zak Smith.

I am very pleased TARGA has stood up for what is right against these idiots with thier self righteous 1950’s morality. As far as I am concerned these prudes need to be told to shut the fuck up. Frankly, TARGA is better off without them trying to censor content. These types of people rarely stop and expand thier list of offensive material fairly quickly. The best thing to do is let these morons go, and it seems this exactly what TARGA did, good for them.

Porn and me (NSFW)

omahaI have lately been talking a lot about games and some about FaceBook. This blog is not really meant to concentrate on just a few subjects, but RPG’s and Computers are very meaningful in my life, so I have a lot to say about them. However, when I was setting up wordpress for this site, I added two tags; “Pornography” and “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”, so I obviously meant to speak about these subjects. As of yet I have not, but as of now, I am going to change that.

I am not what one would call  porn obsessive. I own one porn DVD, a single copy of Playboy magazine and perhaps three issues of Penthouse Forums. I have the first three issues Phil Folgio XXXenophile comic and the first four Omaha the Cat Dancers trade paperbacks. In my bookmarks, I have TinyNibbles, Fleshbot and TextFiles.com Erotica section. That is pretty much it. Some of you hardcore porn consumers will probably point out all of this stuff is pretty tame and it is. It should also be obvious, since I am posting this on my blog that PezWitch is fully aware of my collection, such as it is.

Those of you who have known me across multiple decades, know I worked at a porn shop in Bozeman Montana, the store use to be known as Ms Kitty’s, but has since changed names to Erotique, it is now owned by my friend Billy. If you are passing through Bozeman, stop in and say hello. I think working there gave me a healthy perspective on sex, eliminated my social guilt about sex, broke me of my childish homophobia, opened my mind to the possibilities and generally made me a better person. Working there was probably the best job I ever had, although it took me some years to figure that out.

Much like my definition of art, my definition of porn is simple. Any picture, video, audio or writing, in which I loose all interest in as soon as I have finished masturbating, is porn. It really is not all that complicated. Now you might be asking, what is erotica and how does it differ from porn. The difference between porn and erotica is also fairly simple. While porn is a masturbatory tool, erotica can be other things, it can be funny or adventurous, it can be titillating or strange, whatever it is, should invoke some emotional response other than to make you horny, although the very best erotica will do that was well.