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I crawled out of bed this morning at 1:30 AM to attend the the opening ceremony of Roll20Con. It was probably not worth getting up for. The follow up panel was on Roll20.net API programming. This was very interesting, but it was buffering terribly and was basically unteachable, so I went back to bed. I then got up at around 6:00 AM, at this point they were playing Fiasco, but it was not in English. At about 7:00 AM they started playing D&D 5E, this was kind of interesting. The problem with D&D is, D&D is kind of boring to watch, but these guys did try to keep it entertaining as best they could.

At 11:30 AM I started “Let’s Raid the Temple of Elemental Evil” D&D 5E game. The basis of the game, was to play through the best part of the Prince of the Apocalypse adventure, which was the Air Elemental dungeon. This was a fun time, I like Con games because there are no expectations, everyone is there to play a one shot and you are probably never going to play together again. This makes for an interesting dynamic between complete strangers, trying to work together through a problem. This was the first time I had played in at least 3 years so my hopes were very high, and this GM certainly delivered.

I then attended the GMing on Roll20 panel, which introduced me to some features that I was unaware of, like the GM map layer which lets me lay down a map that only I can see, then lets me hand draw the map the players see over the top of it. There was also an interesting feature request segment, which discussed how horrible the Roll20 Market Place is.

Finally, I watched a Dungeon World game GMed by the creator of the game. This was a really painful game to watch. This game was 3 pompous players working at cross purposes and a 4th player who was trying to keep it all together while the others mocked him and treated him like a pet. Now you could throw this off as a “Well we were just playing our characters” thing, but it sure felt like this poor bastard was playing with three Ed’s. I did stick with it though just because I wanted to see the train wreck at the end, which never quite came.

I plan to attend again next year, if they do it again. Next year, I would like to see better organization around the games. Define start and stop times with short breaks in between blocks. I was only able to get one game in, the second game I signed up for folded before the Con started, but even if it had happened, the D&D game went over by 2 hours and I would have been playing two games at the same time.  Of course the argument against this is, all the tables are virtual, so this does not have the same limitations that a real world game convention would have, so there is no reason to have time blocks.

Anyway, it was fun and I hope next year I can get a couple of the guys to attend with me.

Re: Roll20Con

So the D&D5E game I applied for went south, so I withdrew my application and found a different one. He requested we build 2 characters, a primary and a backup. My primary is a basic wizard, Fireballs, Lightning Bolts and other heavy artillery, if I say I am casting a spell, its a good idea to wait before running into the room. My secondary character is a straight forward Rogue, Pick locks, Find/remove traps, sneaking silently through the shadows. If you see me standing behind someone, they are either about to loose their purse, or get a dagger in the back.

Anyone who has seen me as a player, knows my preference is for fighters, and that was definitely my first choice. The problem was, when I looked at the other players, I saw at least one each, Fighter, Ranger and Paladin, so there were sword arm a plenty. I did see another person who wanted to play a spell caster, but I figured if necessary, I could always fallback to the Rogue, seeing as no one else has as of yet chosen a Rogue as their primary.