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Welcome to the Companions Of Xarth Wiki

The Companions of Xarth is a Hackmaster role playing group. The companions play almost entirely online using the OpenRPG tabletop gaming application. This wiki site is a resource for The Companions to catalog and communicate elements of their campaign.

Only members of The Companions will have editing rights on this wiki site.


  House Rules
  Character Class: Techno's
  Character Class: Zealot of Dionysus
  Standard Adventuring Charter
  Quick Start Rules
  Alternate scroll making rules
  Making One Shot Magic Items
  Making Permanent Magic Items
  New Spells


  Point Distribution

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

  D&D House Rules

Adventuring Parties:

  The Ragnarok Five
  The Companions of Xarth

The world of Caldoom

Points of Light

Stoddard's World Old

Edgewood Campaign Revised Stoddard's World

Earth 42 Super Hero Game World

20 Minutes into the Future The Alt-80's Cyberpunk Game World

Donjons and Dragoons

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