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Since the day I was born, I have had three shadows following me, Fate, her twin sister Destiny and a man named Brandon who died just moments before my birth. Brandon was meant for bigger things, but his life was cut short by Rufus Kraki, his whore and an assassin by the name of Melnar. Now Brandon's destiny falls to me, what Brandon's destiny was, I had no idea until the day I was chosen.

Vorad is a man I seem to be linked to somehow, he is my enemy and I get the feeling he has been my enemy for many lifetimes. Since my first encounter with his minions, I have lost every confrontation I have had with him. Oh I have foiled the minor plot or two, but over all, I was loosing the war. Finally after almost a year, I had Vorad within striking distance of my sword.

When he hit me with that accursed mace of his, he was stunned I didn't die instantly, most did and I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt, the mace bit not only into my flesh, but my soul as well. He must have decided he had no desire to allow Wyrm's Claw her chance at him, he decided to run and let his minions deal with us, but I had no intentions of letting him escape, when he grasped the statue, I instinctively knew I had to grab for him and at that moment Fate, Destiny and Brandon all grasped my hand and pulled me in.

The Temple room faded from my sight, for just a flash I saw all the world warp around me. In the darkness and the mist, it was only Vorad and I,shadows in the realm of shadows. Only Vorads mace, Wyrm's Claw and an odd ring Vorad was wearing appear solid. The ring seemed to have cords reaching to his mace and to my heart. I could still feel Vorad in my grasp, I struck out with Wyrm's Claw at the Vorads hand holding the Mace, both his hand and the Mace fall away, I loose my grip on Vorad, but the Mace stays within reach, Vorad does not. I grab the Mace and as it touchs my shadowy hand, I feel it tendrils trying to seep into my soul, but it does not like what it finds there. I start to fall myself, I feel my body start to pull in all directions and I loose conscinceness.

I awaken in a great snow filled tundra, the cold bitting deeply into my flesh. Standing over me is an old grey wolf, with one steel blue eye. He study's me, not as a potential meal, but with curiosity. I slowly stand, feeling the aches of my recent wounds, I know I may not be able to defend myself against this creature, but it does not move.

Behind me, I hear talking and laughing, I turn to see hunters making their way through the snow, when I turn back to the wolf he is gone. Startled, I turn my attention back to the men, they see me and start heading my way. I brace myself for an attack, but they hail me as if they had known me all their lives.

They tell me, they are hunting Giants and ask me if I have seen any, I tell them not recently, but that I fought two some weeks earlier, my companions and I dispatched them with some difficulty. Always happy to meet another GiantSlayer?, them ask me join them at thier table, being cold, hungry and wounded, I accepted their hospitality. One of the Men waves his hand and a giant portal opens and a wave of warm air rushes out, one by one we step in.

On the otherside I fond myself in a gigantic hall, full of men eating, drinking and singing song of great deeds done. By the fire place I see 5 strong women overseeing the merriment, though men approach them and speak to them, they show nothing but respect for these women warriors. The men introduce me around, telling my story of giant slaying to each. When we approach the women, one of them Yells, "Abarat, you are mine, I made a trip to Midgard for your soul, but one of Zeus's yanked you back to the world of the living, I made that trip for nothing, You OWE ME!", she is one angry woman.

After she calmed down, she showed me my seat at the table, there is a cup but it is empty. She says, it is not your time Abarat, you must go back, you can not stay here, especially with that filthy thing. I look down and I am still holding Vorads Mace, his hand still gripping it. I open my backpack and place the accursed thing into it out of her sight. She then points to the head of the table, the seat is empty, but the cup there is full. She says, you may not sit, but, if you dare, you may drink from the cup before you go. Be warned, the drink will give you clarity as you have never known it before. It imparts wisdom as only the gods know it. In some respects it is worse than death, but it will show you your path. I slowly walk over and hesitantly look at the cup, I ignore the betting going on around me, some think I do not have the heart to drink, other know I will. I know in my soul, this what I was meant to do, I grab the cup and drink deeply, I immediately wished I had not.

I awoke in great pain, I had been staked to tree, at the foot of the tree, sat the one eyed wolf. The wolf did not speak, but I heard him just the same. You are chosen, the great beast says. You must sacrifice what I have sacrificed, you must gain what I have gained. Only with this gift may you succeed in you mission, destroy the mace and its master, both are evil and will surely destroy you. I passed out from the pain, when I again awoke, a passing Druid named Shamus had found me and wanted to help me down. I passed on his offer of help, knowing I must endure this to gain what I need, to be baptized. I however did give him the Amulet which I used to find Evro and told him to follow the Amulet and bring Evro here. As the Raven pecked my eye out, the good Druid said he would do so and left. As Shamus left, Fionn, a young Zealot summoned by Odin to bring me water during my trial.

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