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Alter Familiar (Alteration)
Level: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Area Effect: One Familiar
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1d6 hours
Saving Throw: None

Alter Familiar allows the caster to improve his own familiar. Alter Familiar may only be cast on a single familiar once, further casting on an already altered familiar will have no effect. To cast this spell, the character must burn 1000 GP worth of incense and herbs in a brass bowl, just as he did to cast the original Find Familiar spell, additionally he must also burn a caterpillar cocoon.

Alter Familiar

01Failure, No alteration to Familiar
02GMs Choice
03Familiar gains 1 Hit Dice
04Familiar gains an attack doing 1d4 damage
05Familiars gains +1 AC Bonus
06Familiar gains 2 Hit Dice
07Familiar gains an attack doing 1d8 damage
08Familiars gains +2 AC Bonus
09Familiar gains the ability to Know Alignment 1/day
10Familiar gains the ability to Detect Magic 1/day
11Familiar gains the ability to heal 4d4 damage 1/day
12Familiar splits into 2 familiars, roll for second familar type
13Familiar splits into 2 identical familiars
14Familiar gains Spider Climb
15Familiar gains a Type O Poison attack
16Familiar gains flight at x2 ground movement
17Familiar may turn invisible once per day
18Familiar changes into Special Familar as determined by the PC's alignment
19Players Choice
20Roll twice ignoring this result hereafter
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