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Arbusto is the current ruler of City of BronzeHelm. The city does have a facade of elected government, but the fact is Arbusto is the absolute dictator of the city and few who oppose him live for long. 25 years ago, when his Uncle was the ruler of the city, for reasons known only to himself, he convinced a Lizardman Shaman to summon the fire elemental known as the FireGawd in the coal mines near Derric's Deep. This killed the tribe of Lizardmen, five brave members of the BronzeHelm City Watch who tried to stop the catastrophe and rendered Derric's Deep uninhabitable.

More recently, Arbusto sent the so called Scarred Children (Survivors of Derric's Deep) to steal the artifact Circle of Light from the demon Zuggtmoy. The expedition also yeilded three other artifacts; Frag Hack, The Axe of Dwarven Lords and the Necromancers Dagger. During this time, Arbusto's cousin, Vorad was killed by the Chosen One of Odin, Abarat, in revenge, Arbusto deceived the Paladin T'raan into first retrieving the Holy Avenger Truth and then try and kill Abarat. Once the artifacts were retrieved and Zuggtmoy defeated, Arbusto took the artifacts by force killing one of the Scarred Children, Little Fern, causing the others to turn against him.

For all intents and purposes, Arbusto has all of BronzeHelm's resources at his disposal, which means he can buy anything he needs, hire anyone to do any job and he has access to virtually any low to medium powered magic item and has access to a vast array of spells. He also has at his command, the City Watch (500 Men), the Constables (250 Men) and the Lotus Society (Number unknown), as well as the City Defense Ready Reserves (2,000 Part time soldiers). There has also been some speculation that he is also a council member of the wizards council in Phoia.

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