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The gawdess Artemis is known to have made five these bows as gifts to her most dedicated followers. The bows are powerful weapons and are aggressively sought after by followers of Artemis. If one of the bows comes into the possession of someone who does not follow Artemis and if the gawdess finds this person offensive, she will send her followers to take the bow back. The bow +5 to hit, additionally, all arrows fired from the bow gain the following; For purposes of hitting creatures that can only be hit by magic weapons, each arrow is a treated as +2. Each arrow inflicts 1d10 damage and arrows gain Strength damage bonus.

Additionally, the Bow has 8 symbols on it, each symbol can be used once per day and using a symbol gives a +1 penalty initiative. When a symbol is touched, the next arrow fired from the bow will produce the spell effect listed below, the effect will be as a 10th level spellcaster:

Cloud: Wall of Fog (pg 186)

Spider Web: Web (pg 197)

Plant: Plant Growth (pg 214)

Insects: Insect Plague (pg 268)

Air: Whispering wind (pg 197)

Earth: Stone Passage (pg 286)

Fire: Pyrotechnics (pg 195)

Water: Cloudburst (pg 199)

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