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The life and death of Evro and Brandon

The following is an email I sent to Ric, the second player in the Minions game to explain what had went on the night before and how this paticular quest came to be. Essentially, Bruce has allowed me to play the reincarnation of my first character, Brandon, who then goes to find the reincarnation of his best friend. Ric being the good sport he is, went along with it and indulged two old farts.

The life and death of Evro and Brandon

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:27:46 -0500
From: Chris S. xxxxxxxxxx
To: Ric S. xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: The life and death of Evro and Brandon

As we said last night this adventure actually started 20 odd years ago (real time and game time). Evro and Brandon were Bruce and I first characters, both died in paticularly awful ways. Though in separate incidents months apart. When Evro died, Brandon talked about breaking Evro out of the orphanage, but died himeself before he could carry out the mission. What brought all this together into our current game was Bruce and I just re-established contact after several years and he joined my sunday game. He jumped at the chance to game again as fast as you did, of course I bribed him the same way I bribed you, I bought him a PHB. Anyway, when 2 old farts like us get together, we are going to talk about the "Good Old Days" and that included Evro and Brandon. don't know, I guess, I felt I didn't get any closure on Brandons death and so I posted the tragic events to the thread in one of Kenzer and Co forums and shortly after that, Bruce did too.

I have reprinted them here for you so you don't have to go look if you don't want too. Anyway, we didn't talk about it again until Bruce started his own game, however another player was involved who I felt would not be interested in following me down the twisted road of my psychi so I did not persue this. Eventually, the other player left the game because he was having to travel alot for work. Anyway with just me playing now, I was free to do what I had been thinking about for weeks. When Mort and Abarat parted ways, instead of persuing the Minions of Vorad I started the Evro Quest. This came very much out of the blue, I told Bruce that after Abarat had his near death experiance he had started having nightmares and the rest is history.


Brandon was my very first successful character. By successful, I mean he made it above 2nd level. Brandon made himself an enemy of two other PCs by playing some practical jokes on them. Nothing harmful mind you, no one lost hit points or treasure, the pranks were just in poor taste and I miss jugded how the players involved would react. These two players decided Brandon needed to die for his sins and hired an assassin to kill him. In due time, one of the other players, who was not involved with the prank, brought a new character into the game, Melnar, a 1st level magic user. At the time I thought nothing of it because we had all played two characters at one time or another, we all had at least one or two 1st-2nd level characters who would enter and leave the game occassionally. At this point, strange things started to happen, black daggars would fly out of no where, people sitting next to me in a bar would end up getting poisoned and I would find an Ace of Spades in my backpack. Anyway, Melnar, turned out to be an Assassin of some undisclosed level. The party awoke one morning, Brandons throat was cut and all his magic items, a Helm of War, Gauntlets of Fire and Ice (these 2 items were from the Arduin Grimoire) and a +4 sword, were gone. Oddly, Melnar was gone as well.


Long ago in the dim annals of time. The tragic lost of my first character Evro, a half-elf figther,( 2nd AD and D) required a sheild, and a vial of oil of slipperiness. We had worked our way though the trials and tribulation of the halls of the hill giants, when we had came across a room with multiple hill giants in it. In what at the time I thought was a stroke of genius, I decided that to get to the other side of this massive hall, I would coat the sheild with the oil. I promptly ran toward the room, and began my slide to the other side. However to my chringe the room was not a room but an opening to the outside, which also containded a cliff that was, my memory is clear on this, 1300 feet high. Realizing my mistake to late to save myself, I promptly hung 10 to my death. The party always generous, but with a twisted sense of humor, did not have me raised, but had me reincarnated. After some dice rolls, from a table I am sure did not exist before that evening, I was reincarnated as myself but at an age of 9. The character was then wisked away to a orphanage. It then became a running joke about how Evro was always trying to break out, or how we were going to break him out. On the bright side, enough time has passed that Evro should be eligible to be released, if I could just remember where that 20 year piece of paper is.... As for that room I have a I am sure that the GM, in his twisted sense of fun, changed it to a ledge and cliff. Not out of spite, but out of humour. Without proof, I could just grin and bear it, and reach for the six siders to roll another character.


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