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General Information:

  • Population: 80,000
  • Racial Composition: 60% Human, 15% Dwarf, 10% Halfling, 10% Elf, 5% Other
  • Ruler: Arcanis the Invincible Overlord
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Resources: Vast Market and Trade Center

Law Enforcement:

   1. City Watch: Widely considered both the most incompetent and corrupt law enforcement agency in the civilized land.
   2. Constables: Although much smaller in number to the City Watch, they are the primary enforcers of the law.
   3. The Lotus Society: The Secret Police 

Features: The City Dump: The city dump takes up nearly as much area as the city itself. It is known that at least one tribe of Orcs lives there along with many other creatures. One of the City Watches duties is to go in a clean out the monsters. The City Dump is proof positive the gawds have a sense of humor, many who have prayed to be saved by the gawds have been dumped here and people jumping through "Wells of Many Wurlds" type magic items have found themselves falling into the dump.

Inn of the Black Shark: Two decades ago after the infamous pirate ship The Black Shark, appeared out of no where on the snowy mountains near Bronzehelm. The ship then preceded to slide down the mountain and collide with a tavern on the outskirts of the city. The tavern owner bought the ship from the adventuring group that disembarked from the ship and renamed the Inn. The unknown adventuring group immediately left town and no explanation has ever been given as to how or why the ship got to where it is today.

The Black Boar Inn: In BronzeHelm being an Assassin is a perfectly legal and honorable profession, as long as you belong to the guild, you are licensed by the city and pay your taxes. The Assassins guild has a guild house, where all of the legal business of the guild is carried out. The Black Boar is directly owned by the guild and is the favored watering hole of assassins in BronzeHelm. Much business is carried out here, the Inn is under the direct protection of the guild and all of the employees loyal to the guild either out of respect, fear or bribery, none of them will act against the guild in any way.

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