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Byzangi (Lesser Gawd)
Armor Class: -2
Move: 18
Hit Points: 2,150 (1,750 Demi-Gawd)
No of Attacks: 1 (Rubber Chicken)
Damage per Attack: 1d4+14
Special Attacks: Joy Buzzer Slap (6d10 electrical damage)
Special Defenses:
Magic Resistance: 75%
Size: M
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Spheres of control: Practical jokes
Symbol: Yellow Smiley Face
Cleric: 20th level
Fighter: 15th level
Magic User: 25th level Illusionist, 20th Magic User
Thief: 25th level
S:26 D:27 C:25 I:28 W:9 Ch:25 Com:15

Byzangi is very possibly the most annoying being in the universe. The other “Higher Beings” would rather invite Orcus to a party rather than Byzangi. Byzangi takes his job as Gawd of Practical jokes very “Seriously”, as far as he is concerned there is no such thing as an unfunny prank, only targets without a sense of humor. He believes there should be a rubber chicken in every pot and a whoppie cushion in every chair. When his name is called, there is a chance he will take notice and do something, often resulting pies hitting people in the face. However it is not wise to use his name too often, because Byzangi is not the type of gawd you want to notice you. The quickest way to anger Byzangi is to call his name in an effort to manipulate a situation to your benefit, this rarely turns out well.

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